Out of this world relaxation

My watch buzzes urgently with an insignificant notification. My phone chirrups its retort, reminding of things neither urgent nor significant. A short pause, then a further beep alerts the arrival of a message also in need of no urgent attention. I silence all devices and settle back into bed, reshaping pillows for optimal comfort. A security light bathes the room in temporary sterile bluey whiteness. As it extinguishes, a heavy ache in my neck asserts itself and I reshuffle the pillows again. I focus on my breathing. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. A distant train thrums at red signals. A siren wails some miles away, its doppler shifts carried defiantly across the night air. The heft of the mattress presses against my calves. I stretch both legs taught and repose. Inhale. Exhale. The heavy engine pitches deeper. My mind drifts to thoughts of green signals, traffic lights, traffic light sweets and penny chews, to childhood memories of newspaper rounds. The thrumming quickens, axles whine and carriages groan as inertia is overcome. Trainsets and childhood toys. Inhale. Exhale. My spine feels curved and unsupported. My neck aches. I reshuffle the pillows. Inhale. Exhale. I glimpse the stars through a crack in the curtains and imagine worlds without gravity. Worlds of weightless limbs floating, muscles disengaged. No aches, no twists. Everything in neutral. Everything in repose.


I’m floating now on silken water.

Floating in space

My eyes are open. The labyrinthine darkness is all around. Comforting and impenetrable, deeper than space. The calming meditative notes of the welcoming music have gently given way to an endless balm of deepest quiet. Pristine silence. Peaceful, calming silence. Naked as shame yet completely invulnerable, I float like a starfish with limbs extended and free. My eyes have adjusted now and still the infinite black ink stretches in all directions. Not one muscle engages. Not a single ache. Blissful suspension from head to tiny toe. Inhale. Exhale. I’m in outer space in the Forest of Dean. Sublime, uninterrupted, weightless, effortless, mindfully deep relaxation. It defies expectations and gravity. No rocket ship required.

Float in the Forest – out of this world relaxation for aching muscles and busy minds.

Green float room

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