Okay: hold on to your hats, strap yourself in, and take a deep breath because it’s that time again.

Every month we are giving away a free float to one lucky subscriber to our email list.

The moment has come when certainty emerges from the unknown, and we discover who will be the proud recipient of this month’s gift certificate.

There’s been a record number of you joining in the fun in April, including many from the Forest Wellbeing tent at the Forest Activities Festival.  Welcome aboard guys – it could be you….

Even if you are not this month’s winner, keep an eye on your inbox for more exciting offers and to keep your finger on the pulse of progress toward launch, plus the inside track on how floating can benefit you.

As ever, we’ve harnessed the power of random.org to fairly draw the winner of this month’s free float.

Randomness is a strange thing.  Did you know that if you encode information into a sequence of numbers as efficiently as possible, then that sequence will pass all tests for being truly random?  A mathematician named Claude Shannon proved this back in the 1940s, so perhaps there is meaning after all in the vagaries of chance.  Something to ponder during the drumroll…

…and the winner of the Float in the Forest April float give-away is:

Julie Lawrence!

Congratulations Julie, and thanks for signing up… we can’t wait to host your free float!

Everyone else, be of good cheer, share the love.  Spread the word about joining the mailing list to others who you feel would be interested in floatation, and give them the chance to win next time around.

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