“My first float”, by Liam

My birthday present was a voucher for a ‘float’.

I had some idea of what this was – a dark confined box half full of salty water.  I was not over enthusiastic having had some episodes of claustrophobia in the past.  However with some trepidation I met up with my son in Bristol and went to the floating centre.  The Ins and Outs of floating were explained and after a shower climbed into the ‘pod’ still feeling a little apprehensive.  After a deep breath I pressed the button and the lid slowly and ominously descended.  Lying back (floating) I turned out the dim red light.  Relaxation seeped in and I began to feel very relaxed.  The lid opened and I thought something had gone wrong, surely I hadn’t been in there an hour already.

Walking (miles) to the pub for lunch I still felt relaxed and part of my mind in a different place.

I think I’ll do it again.


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