Float Stories

Read about the floatation experiences of others, in their own words

Learn from others

Everyone’s experience of floating is different, and every float is different.  That’s why we recommend having no expectations.  We tend to find that each float provides you with just what you need at the time, because of course it is just you there in the floatation pod.

Nonetheless, sometimes it can be fun and interesting to explore the experiences of others.  We are fortunate that some of those who have floated with us at Float in the Forest have chosen to share their experiences in writing.  Here you can read their creations, and discover a wide variety of float experiences.  Many will inform, some may intrigue, and perhaps one in particular might strike a chord with you. 

…and find out for yourself

So have a read, and when you are ready, get floating to discover your own unique and wonderful experience of floatation.

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