Why put yourself through it?

New Year’s resolutions usually involve beating yourself up over something.  Have you ever found yourself setting unrealistic goals, or just wishing things were different to what they are?

It’s basically about setting yourself up to fail.  Creating another thing to feel a nagging sense of guilt about.  In the end, increasing your levels of stress.

How many times have you set yourself a New Year’s resolution, thinking ‘I will use this opportunity as an incentive, and really make a go of it this time, turn over a new leaf, and change myself,’ only for the old habits to reassert themselves again, but now with one more thing to feel bad about?

Here’s a simple idea.

Make a resolution to give yourself a break.

To like yourself, and your life, just as they are.

Nothing is wrong.  Nothing needs to change.  Enjoy.  Explore.  Try something new.  Not out of a desire to avoid or change something, but just because.  Maybe one of those new things might be trying floatation, maybe not, no worries.

Have fun.  Let go of the ‘shoulds’ and go easy on yourself.

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