Float in the Forest fit-out blog Fri 4th Jan 2019

Time for painting

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year break.

Over the festive period our construction team took some well earned time off.  This meant we could get stuck into painting the float centre without them tripping over us.


Firstly we made a little video, to give you a last glimpse of what it looked like before the painting began:


We spent some long days painting the walls and ceilings in most of the rooms in the float centre.  We had lots of laughs and enjoyed listening to music (and occasionally dancing) while we worked.

This was a great opportunity to spend lots of time in the float centre, which helped us to really feel at home. It was a very peaceful place to work in.  While we had the doors open we heard sheep baa-ing, a pheasant clucking, and owls hooting!  We feel so privileged to be part of the forest environment.

Getting stuck in

The hands-on aspect of the painting process got me thinking about the different stages we have experienced so far in setting up the float centre (and these stages have often overlapped).

Particularly in the early days, we did a lot of research and absorbing of information.

Then there was a lot of visualising the float centre from a theoretical standpoint.

We’ve done lots of going out and about into the Forest area, Gloucestershire and beyond, talking to people about floatation.

These last couple of weeks marked the start of a new stage.  Now we are really contributing to the float centre with our own physical efforts… which is very satisfying!


We have now got as far as we can with the painting, until the construction team have done some more of their work.  Here you can see what the corridor looked like before, during and after the painting.

In true ‘before and after’ fashion, yesterday we made a video to show you what the centre looks like after our painting efforts.


In our last blog we talked a bit about the soundproofing measures we are taking to make the float rooms really peaceful.

Will made a short video to give you some more insights and show you what these measures look like, before they are covered up.


Now we are starting to create the ventilation system for the float centre.

This will be vital for keeping the humidity and temperature of the float rooms comfortable before, during and after your showers.

We’ve been laying out the ventilation ducting in the loft space, and I was struck by how beautiful these silvery snake-like things are!

And so this is where we are at now.

Here’s the latest infographic.

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