Details in the float centre

We put a lot of thought into the art and other little touches around the float centre. When floating is a new experience, sometimes it can all be a lot to take in, so we love it when you notice and admire them too!

Currently you don’t have the chance to see these things in person anyway, so we’ve created a series called ‘have you noticed?’.  Starting with our wooden signs… 

Locally made wooden signs

We actually try to keep the number of ‘instructional’ signs in the centre to a minimum so that your mind is free to roam, but these signs are more fun than that, and we love them!

The wooden signs were made by a guy called Andy in Aylburton, in the south of the Forest. They’re made of oak, and he carved the words using our particular font.

Let it ripple outwards

On the way out of the float centre we encourage you to take the relaxed post-float feeling and ‘let it ripple outwards’…

Forest photos

While the toilet may be mainly a functional place, we still like to give you something lovely to look at. Why not contemplate a woodland view while you do your ablutions?

We are delighted to have beautiful Forest of Dean photos taken by local wildlife photographer Forest Blood.

Please follow the Forest Blood Facebook page and Instagram feed and give him your support, as his work is wonderful.


Forest Blood photo

Tree of life

This amazing tree of life in the float centre mirror room was made by a friend of ours. She created it from an upcycled bike wheel (pun intended) and electrical cables.

So many people have admired it that we went back to her and asked if she’d be interested to make more. But that would have defeated the point for her, as the idea was to use up resources that were lying around, not to take more.

We are very proud to have it on the wall, and we look forward to when you can next see it in person.

Tree of life


It’s possible you’ve been too excited on the way to your float, or too chilled on the way out to notice these amazing pictures in the corridor, which is fine!

We wanted to have artwork on the walls which is beautiful but abstract, so that you see whatever you want to see in them.

Although most of the artists we display are local, this one is a bit different. These amazing images were created by a guy who calls himself ‘No No No No No’. We found him on Facebook, and were immediately impressed by the power and beauty of his creations. He is very prolific, so we enjoyed the challenge of whittling them down to a shortlist we could both agree on. These are a few of his works which are in the float centre corridor, although these photos don’t quite do justice to their detail… have a look out for them when you’re next able to visit, and head on over to visit No No No No No ‘s Facebook page.

Our logo in this circular window

Right at the top of the float centre building, on the side by the road, we have put the image from our logo, to help you find us.

We had it printed surprisingly large – it’s actually more than 1.5m across! Will had fun getting it up a ladder and into the window before we put the ceilings in the float centre. He also had fun designing the illumination for it at night. There are LED lights around it, and a timer so that it only comes on when it’s dark outside!

Have you noticed it? Have a look next time you come, particularly if it’s dark outside! 

Float in the Forest logo in the circular window

Recamán Sequence painting

This amazing piece was painted by Will’s brother.

It’s not only beautiful, but there’s also more to it than meets the eye.

It is based on a sequence of numbers called the Recamán Sequence, invented by a teacher in Colombia.

If you’re intrigued by numbers, and how they interact with art, check out this video explaining more

Painting from the Recaman Sequence

The names of the float rooms

We held a competition just before we opened the float centre in early 2019, to come up with names for the float rooms.

We put the idea out there, and you lovely people delivered! There were some amazing names suggested, which we then put to a vote.

Serenity float room
Tranquillity float room
Harmony therapy room

The winning names were put forward by Kirsty, and as a result the two float rooms are ‘Serenity’ and ‘Tranquillity’, and the therapy room is ‘Harmony’.

Kirsty said “the reason for these 3 names is because they all mean peacefulness, calmness and composure. All these things will be experienced within the floatation rooms.”

We think the names work perfectly. We also love the wooden signs, which were created by Andy in Aylburton. You can find Andy’s website here.

The copper tree

This beautiful sculpture was made by Will’s Dad (yes, they’re a creative family!) and gets a lot of admiration in the float centre.

The leaves are made of copper, and each one is different, bringing lots of character to the piece. They move freely, capturing the spirit of a tree moving in the wind. The tree currently lives in the corner of the relaxation lounge, where you can sit quietly in peace.


We can’t wait for you to be able to come back and see all these wonderful things!

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