Nominate your local hero

They could win a free float for their outstanding contributions to the local community

Float your hero!

We wanted to do something special to recognise the amazing people who are going the extra mile for their community to keep things running for everyone else, especially the most vulnerable.

We would like you to nominate your local hero, so that they could win a free float. They might be NHS staff or they could be doing outstanding work in the community in a variety of other different ways.

UPDATE 03/07/2020: This competition is now closed.  A big thank you to all those who nominated their heroes, and a big thank you to all the heroes for the amazing work they do to help their communities.  Keep an eye out for other competitions we run from time to time.  Or if you’ve got a special person you want to thank, why not get them a float?

Stay in touch to find out who wins!

Fill in and submit the form below to nominate your hero, making sure to write a minimum of 100 words about your reasons for nominating them.

Once a fortnight on a Friday (until we re-open) we will put all the names in a hat, draw one at random, and announce them through our email newsletter and social media. We will be sharing each hero’s inspiring story for a bit of positive news.  Sign up for our email newsletter here.

The lucky hero will win a 1 float gift card (with an extended expiry date as with all our gift cards).

Each hero can only win once. But if they weren’t lucky in one round and you’d like them to be re-entered you can nominate them again in the next round.

We can’t wait to hear about all your inspiring heroes… good luck!