“I can’t swim… what if I sink?”

You may be surprised to hear that this is actually quite a common question in relation to floating.  Many people can’t swim, and that is fine.

Never had the opportunity

Some people may not have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn to swim. It hasn’t always been available within the schooling system, and not to all. Those of us who did have the opportunity may have taken this for granted.

Put off by the experience

Some people may have been put off by their early experiences of swimming. I certainly had some stressful experiences of noisy public pools full of thrashing schoolmates!

Out of practice

Some people may just not have swum much in the intervening years, which can easily affect the confidence.

Or there may be plenty of other reasons for not wanting to swim…

But that is all ok, as floating has nothing to do with swimming!

Not possible to sink

The main point to remember here is that it is physically impossible to sink in the float pod. The water is saturated with Epsom Salt which makes it much more dense than your body.

More dense than the Dead Sea

Have you heard of the Dead Sea?

Seen the pictures of people floating on the surface?

(Here’s a silly pic of us enjoying the Dead Sea experience a few years back!)

Well, the water in the float pod is even more dense than the Dead Sea.

You are in control

The water in the float pod is only about 10 inches (or 25 cm) deep. Surprising, isn’t it!

It doesn’t need to be any deeper than that as it is so saturated with Epsom salt that when you lie back, you will be floating on the surface.

Your face will be above the water. It is basically impossible for you to turn over by accident, even if you fall asleep, which is another common concern we’ve covered in a separate piece.

If you are worried at any point you can sit up, turn the light on, open the pod door (if you’ve chosen to close it), or even get out if you wish.

You are in complete control and can take your time.

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