Lee and Glenn Perry are legends in the world of floatation.  In case you haven’t heard of them, we wanted to introduce you.

Lee and Glenn Perry were responsible for bringing floatation to the wider world.  They worked with the father of floatation, Dr. John Lilly, who invented the float tank back in the 1950s.

In the 1970s, Glenn was involved in some of John Lilly’s research.  Glenn was struck by John’s ideas, and came up with the idea of adding large amounts of salt into the water, to enable the buoyancy which is essential to the experience.  Glenn and Lee went on to design and manufacture tanks enabling people to float in their own homes.  They set up the first ever float centre, and have empowered many more to be set up around the world.  They have dedicated most of their lives to it, and are still making innovative new tanks and promoting floatation to the current day.  The dedication and inspiration of these two people, and their loving relationship with each other and the world, made floating possible today.

Special thanks to Lee and Glenn for letting us use this beautiful image!

Through a series of lucky coincidences – if you believe in such things – we had the chance to hang out with Lee and Glenn at their home in Grass Valley, California last year.   Samadhi Tank Company is in a beautiful place, with wild deer roaming through the quiet countryside, and nestled among like-minded neighbours.

Being with them was a pleasure and a privilege.  We floated in their tanks, and spent some wonderful time learning from them.  They encouraged us on our journey of setting up Float in the Forest, and gave us some invaluable insights.  We were inspired and invigorated by the strength of their passion for floatation.   But most powerful was witnessing their attitude to life, and understanding how floatation can be used to enrich our short time on this planet.

Glenn spoke eloquently about the value of floating as he sees it, and you can hear him here:


Their teaching was informed throughout by their deep respect for the individual, putting the floater’s experience at the centre.  We left feeling fuelled, equipped, and inspired to create a environment which empowers others to have their own deep experience of themselves.  Thank you Lee and Glenn!

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