Meet therapist Karen Hopes

Introducing Karen of Karen Hopes Aromatherapy, who makes the gorgeous moisturiser bars and melts we are now stocking in the float centre…

As a child, Karen remembers soaking rose petals in water in jam jars to make ‘perfume’. She still remembers the smell of it and the feeling of achievement that she had made it. To this day, when she smells roses it triggers those memories for her, such is the power of aroma!

From nursing to aromatherapy

Karen worked as a nurse for many years, as from an early age she had wanted to be able to help other people. After working hard in this stressful environment and taking satisfaction from helping people, Karen started thinking about taking early retirement.

In preparation for her ‘retirement’, Karen decided to resurrect her childhood interest in essential oils and how they can affect the way you feel. Karen considers herself to be a fairly ‘spiritual’ person and has always been interested in the healing power of loving touch and massage. She completed a weekend massage workshop which further sparked her interest in all things holistic. She then embarked upon a diploma in aromatherapy. She wished she had done this many years earlier!

Discovering the forest

In 2017 Karen moved from her home city of Manchester to the Forest.  Having visited the area on a number of occasions she fell in love with the beautiful scenery and protective feeling that being surrounded and enveloped by trees naturally gave her.

Karen has since been working regularly as a complementary therapist at a wonderful local hospice.  She feels such  a great sense of satisfaction in bringing relaxation and a loving touch  into the lives of people who are living with life-limiting conditions. The other staff and volunteers at the hospice helped her to integrate into the local community.

Karen Hopes Aromatherapy is born

Karen has now set up her own therapy business, Karen Hopes Aromatherapy.


Says Karen:

“I love natural aromas, and how they (like music) can change your mood in an instant! The sense of smell is an amazing phenomenon. There are tiny aroma receptors within the nose and ‘olfactory’ system which, through chemical messages, link directly to the ’limbic’ area of the brain that processes and links memories, emotions and feelings. That’s why the smell of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) or spearmint (Mentha spicata) can take you way back in time to the lovely warm and fuzzy memory of your grandma who grew these in her garden! Or benzoin (styrax benzoin) can remind you of the delicious smell of the vanilla ice-cream of your childhood. I’m really excited to have developed a number of natural products which I myself use on a daily basis, as do my friends, clients and family members. My aim is to make natural products available at affordable prices. I also wish to explore packaging options which are kinder to our planet and allow me to sleep easily in my bed knowing that I have tried to live a more sustainable life!”

Find out more about Karen’s moisturisers which are now available to buy in the float centre, on our goodies page.

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