Hi Sara, how did you come to be an artist?

Having worked in the media and hospitality for many years, it wasn’t until 2000 after a back injury that art became my primary focus.

Now as a Contemporary Artist I am lucky to have exhibited in London and Bristol as well as selling my work worldwide.

I work in several different disciplines, from watercolour to inks, but primarily fluid art.

I create rich, magically coloured paintings, inspired by the natural world. Living and working alongside the Forest of Dean and River Severn, inspiration is on my doorstep!

Why primarily fluid art?

Fluid art has been around since the 1930’s, but I discovered this wonderful spontaneous method of working a few years ago.

It is a constant learning curve, with each colour of paint reacting differently according to its density, making the process both fascinating and surprising at times. I love the fact that it’s a balance of science and art.

Why do you make coasters and jewellery?

If you have ever seen a fluid artist at work, you may have noticed how much paint drips over the edges of a canvas during the creation process. Rather than let it go to waste I collect my ‘drip offs’ and use it to make coasters and jewellery. (These are on sale in the shop at Float in the Forest)

Why collaborate with Float in the Forest?

I’m really pleased to be able to have some handpicked pieces at Float in the Forest!

Having my work on display in the relaxation area means guests can immerse themselves in my nature inspired paintings at leisure.

Where else can people see your work?

My work can also be found locally at Beechenhurst Café, and Casa Interiors in Newnham.

And of course on my website: www.saraulyatt.co.uk.


Thank you to Sara for taking the time to answer these questions.  We’re looking forward to everyone being able to see her wonderful paintings, coasters and jewellery in person when the float centre re-opens.

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