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A couple of weeks ago we spent an interesting day on our stand at the Mind Body Spirit Show.  The event was at the Chepstow Racecourse.  We’d never been there before, but it was a good venue for this sort of event.  It was warm and comfortable. We were lucky enough to be on the first floor, where we had a great view out over the vibrant green expanse of the racecourse.

It was such a good day!  We met loads of interesting people and had some exciting and inspiring chats.  We loved talking to people about floatation and Float in the Forest.  Lots of lovely people signed up to our email list (thank you and welcome!). 

It helps to discuss common concerns

The usual frequently asked questions came up.  People usually want to know about cleanliness (rightly so), or have concerns about potential claustrophobia, they can’t swim, or whether they might fall asleep.  All of these questions and more are answered on our FAQ page, and for more detail follow these links.

We were reminded of how much we enjoy explaining about floatation, and exploring the possibilities with people.  Doing this enlivens us with the passion for what we are doing, and makes us even more excited to bring it to life!

We love meeting people

It was great to meet other holistic practitioners, and to make local connections who we hope to stay in touch with and maybe work with in future.

One person we had a great chat with was Steve Gregory.  We were delighted when he wrote a review about the event, including “most interesting for me was the Float in the Forest now that sounds like a treat”… you can read the full review here

Thank you to Beverly Jones from Awaken, for organising the event.


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