It’s our second birthday!

This has undoubtedly been a strange year, but with wonderful bits too, and we are pleased to be celebrating our second birthday.

We are so grateful to all those who have floated with us, and we have loved being able to float you!

To celebrate our birthday we are reopening an exciting doorway for those who have floated with us in our first two years:

We would like to invite you to share your experience of floating at Float in the Forest by writing about it!

We are regularly overwhelmed by the amazing feedback we get, both written and verbal. Some descriptions are very moving, some profound, and all are very much appreciated.

It can be so helpful for those who have not yet had the joy of discovering floating for themselves to hear about the experiences of other people. Getting other people’s take on floating can help to inform, reassure, and intrigue someone who has not floated before. Every float is different, and everyone’s experience of floating is different. People get a whole range of different benefits from floating.

We opened FITF because we wanted to share the wonders and benefits of floating with as many people as possible. Many people enjoy floating so much that they just can’t help sharing their wonderful experiences with others. Maybe you are one of those people who shares our passion for floating and wants to spread the word. Maybe you had a specific transformative floatation experience and would like to express it. Perhaps you have been floating regularly for a while now and your life has improved thanks to your float practice. Your words could help guide more people to explore how floating can help them.



We’d like to announce our writing competition!

You could win a pack of 3 floats!

In order to be eligible to enter, you must have floated with us by 21st February 2021.

Write between 250 and 1000 words, in English, about your experience of floating at Float in the Forest.

It could be about one specific float, or your overall experience of floatation at Float in the Forest.

It must be submitted in some form of editable text file such as plain text, rtf, .doc, .docx, .otf or similar (not PDF).

Send it by email to

Write about why you love floating

You have until 11.59pm on Sun 7th March 2021 to get your piece of writing to us.  We will confirm receipt, so if you have not had confirmation by email reply within 48 hours, please contact us.

Your piece of writing must be new and not previously published elsewhere, and by entering you agree to allow us to use it freely in our marketing materials. You also agree that we can identify you by name as the author.

We will use some or all of the pieces of writing we receive to promote floatation on our website, social media, and other places such as printed materials. We will choose our favourite entry, and the author will receive a pack of 3 floats!

Unfortunately we can’t give a float to everyone who enters, but even if you don’t win you can bask in the satisfaction that your efforts will help spread the word about floating so more people can enjoy the benefits it brings.

We’re so excited to read your creation!

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