The second winning hero!

We are holding a competition to recognise amazing local heroes, throughout the period that the float centre is closed. The potential heroes could be be NHS staff or they could be helping their community in many other ways at this difficult time.

The heroes have all been nominated by someone who is proud of them, and who has taken the time to tell us why.

Each winning hero will receive a single float gift card (with an extended expiry date as with all our gift cards at the moment). The float is a token of our appreciation, something for them to look forward to when this strange time is over, and an ideal way for them to let go of all the stress and tension.

Every nomination we’ve received has been inspiring. We couldn’t possibly choose between them, so we chose the winner at random and even made a little video of this happening!

And so this week’s winner is….

Rachel Hill !

Congratulations to Rachel, and thank you to Jenny for nominating her.

Says Jenny:

“She has been working with young people as a NHS occupational therapist since she graduated last year. She really put her all into her studies as a mature student after being a child care assistant. She had a long commute to Cardiff University. She now works a CAMHS and has contracted suspected Covid 19. She is now well and back to work. She is just generally an outstanding and caring person. She has been working hard night shifts at Hereford’s Stonebow unit in our overstretched mental health service. With that and running the household, she has very little time for herself and always puts other people first, helping our grandparents when she comes off shift. She is really a truly kind person.”

This a wonderful story, thanks to Jenny for telling it and for nominating Rachel.  We’re looking forward to meeting Rachel and hosting her float.


Who will be next?

Each hero can only win once.

If your hero didn’t win this time, and you’d like them to be in with another chance of winning, just fill in the form to nominate them again in the next round.

If you didn’t nominate someone this time – please do join in!

We just ask you to fill in a webform. You’ll be telling us about your hero including a minimum of 100 words on why you think they should win. Completing the webform is the only way to enter this competition.

You can find the hero webform here.

The next hero will be drawn in a couple of week’s time, and again every fortnight until we re-open the float centre.

We can’t wait to hear about the next round of inspiring heroes… good luck!

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