Hello everyone, Why do I love floating?

The main reason is because it is what it is: FLOATING – no weight, no stress, nothing else to do, no one else to consider – just like a trip through the white clouds. I always come away relaxed, refreshed with renewed energy and – most of any pains anywhere in the body, e.g. muscles or joints, have gently been released and quite literally forgotten. When did they leave? Can’t tell exactly, but they sure are gone.

There is also an element of adventure to to Floating, as it facilitates experiences as different as complete mental and physical relaxation with lights and music as well as deep introspection and contemplation in total silence and darkness – a rare space to come by in these days of speed, noise and almost constant communication with others. Once I even found it difficult to establish wether my eyes were open or closed!

Just floating

So: all I need to do is show up, lie down and let things happen – knowing that I will feel so much better afterwards.

What could be easier than that?

And then there is the Where and How: After floating in various other places in the world, including in “Float-Pods” in the Australian bush near the ocean, I am happy to say that the Float in the Forest venue is up there with the best of them! Why? There is an energy of tranquility and peace, combined with clean and state of the art facilities. And – of course, there are Shari and Will, whose combined experience and care makes me feel welcome and in safe hands.

For me Floating is the most comprehensive re-fuelling I can think of!


Tranquil purple float pod

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