Privacy is a rare commodity these days.

Many people feel like they spend all their time either at work or travelling to and from it, and are still with other people when they get home.

Parents of young children may feel like they never get any time to themselves.

When we’re around others we may feel like we always need to play a role, such as responsible parent or professional worker, or embodying certain characteristics like brave, competent, patient or calm…

When you think about it, we pile quite a lot of expectations upon ourselves, to demonstrate certain aspirations to those around us. This can build up into a pressure, and can be stressful.

Much as we may enjoy our jobs and love our families, we all need some time alone, even away from our loved ones if only briefly. But many people don’t allow themselves this sanctuary, and it can often be hard to come by.

Floatation provides a perfect opportunity for peace and quiet.  As part of your self-care, it also has a wide range of physical and mental benefits.

In the float pod there is no need to be answerable to anyone, or responsible for anyone or anything, except yourself! No need to play a role here.

With no other distractions, floatation can be a short-cut to meditation, which is a discipline definitely aided by privacy.

You can be naked in the float-pod if you wish. You are in your own private room, with a shower and a lock on the door. No-one will see you in the room, so there is no need to be self-conscious.

Pretty much everyone floats naked, in fact we recommend doing so as the sensation of fabric against your skin can be distracting during your float, whereas being naked means you can feel truly free.

It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep in the pod; no-one will know!  In fact a little snooze in the pod can be very restful.

The ideal combination of privacy, peace and quiet as found in the float pod can lead to clear thought and even inspiration – much like how some of the best ideas arrive in the shower!

Having basked in the seclusion of your own private float room , you can return to your life at your leisure.

Spend some time in the post-float chillout area afterwards if you can.

Step out into the world refreshed and recharged, with a new appreciation for your life and people around you, knowing that privacy, peace and quiet are available to you when you’re next ready for it.


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