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Packages at Float in the Forest

We offer occasional float and therapy combination packages. 

Any packages currently on offer can be seen below.

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If there isn’t a date to suit you, you could also make an appointment with one of the therapists hiring our therapy room… find out more on our therapists page.


Trip the light fantastic!

Sat 14th Sept 2019

Great news… we have secured the Lucia No3 hypnagogic light machine for your transcendent delight on Sat 14th September. This is a rare opportunity to experience this mind-blowing immersive light therapy.

A unique combination of constant and flickering light is used to produce amazing states of consciousness. The light stimulates temporary harmonic brain wave patterns usually only found in those who have been meditating for decades. It facilitates theta and high alpha patterns, often associated with joy, intuition, creativity and high concentration.


The light sessions by themselves are amazing. But you also have the chance for further adventure by going on into a float afterwards. We are pleased to be able to offer you the choice of a one hour Lucia light voyage either on its own or followed by a float.

We only have several of the standalone light sessions available, and one of them could be yours for just £40.

We also only have a few light + float packages available. This unique adventure can be yours for just £90. **

Give us a call on 01594 715215 to book yours.

** Please note – if you already have float credits, these can be used in part payment for the float + light package.  Please mention this when you call to book.


Floatation Scentsation

Sat 21st Sept 2019

We’re doing another amazing float and aromatherapy massage package day! We’re offering this in collaboration with the fabulous qualified aromatherapist Karen Hopes.

Combine a floatation session with a sumptuous aromatherapy massage afterwards for the ultimate in relaxation. The float will relax your muscles, calm your mind and awaken your senses, ready for the sensory delights of the massage.

Karen will consult with you and create a blend tailored specially for you and your circumstances. You’ll then enjoy a wonderful, gentle full body massage with your chosen oils.

This is a one hour float and a 90 minute full body massage. Allow around 4 hours for the whole package, including time to chill out in the lounge in between and afterwards.

Spa robe, organic teas, and a slice of homemade cake included.

Just £110.

Call us on 01594 715215 to book your package.

** Please note – if you already have float credits, these can be used in part payment for the float and de-stress package.  Please mention this when you call to book.

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