Holistic therapists at Float in the Forest

Offering wonderful therapies in the float centre

Holistic therapists at Float in the Forest

Therapies at Float in the Forest

At Float in the Forest we don’t just love floatation, we appreciate other therapies too.

We work alongside local holistic therapists to offer a range of therapies in the centre as well as floatation.

This means that if a group of three of you visit, two of you could float and the other one could have a different therapy (depending on availability).

Or you could treat yourself and go for a float and a therapy in one gorgeous session!

If you are thinking of booking a therapy and a float, please bear in mind a few things:

  • Therapies which involve oils work much better after your float. If you were to have one before your float, we would need you to scrub the oils off before getting in the pod – that would be a shame!
  • Please allow at least 2 hours for your float appointment, eg if your float is at 10am, you ideally wouldn’t have a therapy until 12pm.
  • Likewise, if you are going to have a therapy and then a float, please allow at least an extra half hour in between the two.

Below is a list of holistic therapists currently hiring our therapy room. 

Have a read about what they offer, and contact them directly to arrange your therapy session at Float in the Forest.

Katy, Forest Sport Massage

Hi I’m Katy.  I am a massage therapist specialising in sports massage and remedial therapy dedicated to reducing pain, aiding recovery and getting you back to feeling like you again.

I am passionate about helping people, whether it is with postural issues from repetitive or strenuous jobs, assisting with recovery and injury prevention for sports, general aches and pains or purely to increase relaxation and wellbeing.

Whatever the goal is, I will work with you to create a personalised treatment plan to suit your needs.

Please visit the Forest Sport Massage Facebook page.

Or email Katy on forestmobilemassage@gmail.com

Find out more about what inspires her work, on our blog about Katy.

Here is the list of Forest Sport Massage therapies and prices.

Until recently we recommended that if you were going to have a float and a massage, that you have the float first, and then the massage after. This still applies if you were to have a treatment using aromatherapy oils. However Katy uses a water-dispersible oil, which means you can now have a sports massage and then a float! If you’re particularly knotted up and enjoy a firm sports massage, this could be amazing followed by a relaxing float afterwards. Please make sure that your massage is due to finish at least 15 minutes before your float appointment (you can always chill out in the lounge in between if it’s longer).

Lauren, Lemon Tree Coaching and Development

I create long-lasting, eye opening change for my clients who are struggling with a range of problems; including emotional issues –anxiety, depression and lack of confidence, and negative behaviours – smoking, weight management and compulsive actions. No problem cannot be overcome. I support my clients to live happier more successful lives, using a range of linguistic coaching techniques.

I am a Master Practitioner in Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming and TimeLine Therapy™. I utilise these skills to bring my clients’ conscious and unconscious minds together, working in harmony to achieve results.

I am passionate about getting to the root cause of the problem and releasing it. No short-term fixes which allow for negative behaviours to creep back. Just quick, long-lasting results. 

Contact me today to organise a free consultation.


Find out more about what inspires her work, in our blog about Lauren.

Sally, of Sally Touch Therapy

I am a reflexologist, qualified in facial or foot reflexology and Indian head massage.

Reflexology is similar to acupuncture, but without the needles! It works on reflexes on the feet or face, that can affect other organs in the body by releasing energy blockages and therefore promote self-healing.

Facial reflexology is less well known but highly effective due to the close proximity to the brain. It is an extremely relaxing treatment which can achieve results immediately with sleep issues, menopause, stress, depression or anxiety. It helps lift your mood and spirits.

Having experienced floating, I believe that these therapies will happily compliment your own float, or of course they can be enjoyed independently.

Find out more at my Sally Touch Therapy website.

Contact me on 07884 213 883 or sally.rall@yahoo.co.uk.

Find out more about her therapies and prices in Sally’s brochure.

Karen, Pure Body Balance

Karen is a Functional Medicine and Nutritional Advisor.  With over 10 years of study and clinical practice, Karen now specialises in evaluating the underlying cause of stress and disease.

She does this through CHEK Foundational Principles (How you Breath, Think, Eat, Drink, Sleep and Move) and the practice of Yoga to create safe and effective wellness support programmes; getting to the root cause of physical and mental health issues.


Karen connects with clients in 1-on-1 coaching at Float in the Forest, and she offers a complimentary 30-minute consultation for all enquiries.

Find out more on the Pure Body Balance Facebook page.
Email Karen on karen@purebodybalance.co.uk


 Sarah, 25th Hour Ltd

 Sarah from 25th Hour Ltd offers aromatherapy and massage treatments which are bespoke to your needs, through a full medical and lifestyle consultation.

Tailored oils will then be used for a massage treatment to offer you full therapeutic benefits.

Sarah offers full aromatherapy body massage, deep tissue, pregnancy massage (seated or side-lying) and seated massage, back, neck & shoulder massage, facial with homemade face-mask, hot towel & massage, hand & foot massage. Also bespoke aromatherapy themed massage such as detox cellulite treatment & lymphatic drainage, immune booster, or digestive issue abdominal massage.



 Find out more about her therapies and prices in the 25th Hour Ltd leaflet or at www.25thhourltd.com

Contact Sarah on 07792 114290 or admin@25thhourltd.com

In partnership with

Carina, Forest Bathe

Carina is a Forest Therapy Guide, it is the forest that does the therapy.   Forest Bathing (from the Japanese, Shinrin-yoku) is a slow walking activity that prioritises the sensory over the intellectual.

Carina, an experienced and certified Forest Therapy Guide and Forestry England (FE) Learning Provider will introduce you to its scientific research basis and origin. She will offer you sensory invitations (optional), designed to be pleasurable, relaxing and restorative, within a structured 3hr course. You will ‘bathe'(fully clothed) in the forest atmosphere, unwind, and fall asleep if you wish to!

Forest Bathing has been shown to boost the immune system, lower the blood pressure, reduce feelings of stress and restore vitality, health and wellness.

Carina can offer Forest Bathing courses in the woodland right next door to the float centre, and this is a wonderful gentle activity to do after your float.

Find out more about Forest Bathing on Carina’s website, and contact her to find out more or discuss potential dates.

If you are a therapist interested in hiring a room, please visit our room hire page.

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