The third winning hero!

Our ‘Float Your Hero’ competition recognises amazing local heroes every other Friday during the period that the float centre is temporarily closed.

The heroes have all been nominated by someone who admires what they do for their community, and would like them to win a float as a relaxing treat.

These heroes could be be NHS staff, but not necessarily: they could be other types of keyworker, volunteering, or helping their community in other ways during this strange time.

The wonderful winning heroes receive a float gift card (with an extended expiry date). This float is our way of recognising their amazing work, and something for them to look forward to when we’re able to re-open. An ideal chance for them to relax their muscles and mind.

Thank you to everyone who has nominated their hero. Every single nomination is inspiring. We wouldn’t be able to choose between them, so we picked the winner at random. Here’s a little video of this happening!

And so this week’s winner is….

Jackie Jenkins!

Congratulations to Jackie, and thank you to Lynne for nominating her.

Says Lynne:

“I would like to nominate Jackie Jenkins. She is a senior manager in the NHS – not only is she working tirelessly to keep her staff safe but she is also ensuring the important work they all do keeps going.  All of this followed not long after she was heavily involved during the floods. If this was not enough to deal with her husband is extremely vulnerable and is having to shield from her so she has the massive worry of keeping him safe too.  Another example of her generosity is she looks out for my sister… she thinks nothing of spending over an hour on the phone with her providing support.  Jackie is always thinking and supporting those around her and never thinks about looking after herself.”

Thank you Jackie for all your hard work and compassion.  We look forward to hosting your float.


Who’ll be the next Float Hero?

It’s time to get nominating!

You can nominate one person in each round, and it could be the same person or a new person each time, as long as they haven’t already won.  If your hero didn’t win this time, and you’d like them to be in with another chance of winning, fill in the form to nominate them again in the next round.

We just ask you to fill in a webform to nominate your hero. Completing the webform is the only way to enter this competition.

It doesn’t take long. You’ll be telling us briefly about your hero, including a minimum of 100 words about why you think they should win.

You can find the hero webform here.

The next hero will be drawn on Friday 5th June, and again every fortnight until we are able to re-open the float centre.

We can’t wait to receive your nominations for the next round of inspiring heroes… thank you and good luck!

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