Tour the centre

Take a look around Float in the Forest

Tour the centre

Take a look around Float in the Forest

Here is your chance to take a virtual tour of your float centre and become familiar with the layout. We have designed things so that the deeper you go into the building the deeper you enter into relaxation. So relax and watch this short video to explore Float in the Forest and discover some of the delights which await you.


Welcome to Float in the Forest! We are so glad you came. Reception is where we will greet you and you can drop the concerns of the outside world as you step away from it, and enter into the world of Float in the Forest.

Here you can peruse the selection of goodies on our retail shelves. Most of what is on sale has been driven by people asking.  There are some books about floating and healthy delicious snacks in case you are hungry after your float.  Plus the same lovely toiletries as we provide in the float rooms, so if you like you can buy some to use at home.

We are always listening to our customers and updating the choice in the shop, so check out what’s on offer when you arrive at the float centre. Visit our Goodies page to find out more.

Before you pass on further into the float centre we invite you to remove your shoes. We find this helps to you relax and shed the cares of the world as you shed your footwear. You can either go barefoot, in socks, or take a clean pair of sliders to wear: whatever is most comfortable for you.

Mirror room

This space offers facilities for you to use before and after your float. There are the doors to the toilets, and on the opposite wall there are large mirrors. We provide gentle and environmentally friendly kit for removing any makeup prior to floating.

Plus there are hairdryers and unscented organic moisturiser which you are welcome to use after your float. You can also use this room to apply fragrances or makeup after floating should you wish.


This is a quiet space, and a gateway to where the magic happens. Indirect lighting gently guides you to your float room, and picks out carefully curated abstract art along the way. We have three float rooms: Serenity, Tranquillity and Infinity, so you can float at the same time as a friend or two, and emerge to share the post float bliss together.

Tranquillity is accessed via a 1:12 ramp and has extra space and low-level fittings for ease of access.

Float rooms

This is your own private room for the time you are here, with a lock on the door. Cross the threshold to be bathed in soothing light in a colour of your choice. Close the door behind you and the outside world fades away. Careful soundproofing gives you real peace and quiet at last.

Here you are in a warm, comfortable space with big fluffy towels, a luxurious walk-in shower, lovely natural toiletries, and of course your very own state-of-the-art float pod. The size of a small car, chances are it’s bigger than you might expect. Discover more about our float pods here.

This is a place you can truly rest, a time which is yours alone.

Relaxation lounge

Safe and comfortable, spacious yet held. This is a place outside of time, a place between the worlds. Emerge gradually from your float, take your time, enjoy this space.

Chill out, help yourself to organic teas, recline on a comfy chair or sofa, soak up the beautiful original artworks. Maybe enjoy the colouring books, perhaps peruse the books about floatation, and if you feel moved to express yourself in words or pictures there is a journal for your creative output.

By dwelling here in the timeless transition, you can allow the relaxation of your float to ripple outwards into the rest of your life.

Pause and reflect, or simply just be. Then, when you are ready, emerge transformed.

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