“What if I get claustrophobic?”

Concerns about getting claustrophobic are probably our most frequently asked question.

Sometimes the question comes in different forms, for example:

“How big is the pod?”
“Are you shut in it?”
“Are you locked in?”
“Will I be able to get out?”

… it seems to me that all these questions point to being worried about feeling claustrophobic in the float pod.

Only 1 in 10 people will be affected by claustrophobia at some point in their lifetime.

Most people get in a car without a second thought.

So where is this coming from?

It seems to me that ‘the claustrophobia question’ usually comes down to three main things:


Firstly, maybe you are picturing the float pod as small.

Our float pods are actually over 2.3m (7.5ft) long and 1.45m (4.75ft) wide inside.

They are pretty tall too, giving an overall spacious feel. The pod is about the size of a small car.

This will give you plenty of room to stretch out, and to sit up in the pod if you need to.

Stretching out in the float pod


This is completely understandable. The idea of being trapped is horrible. No-one wants to think they are not in control of whether they stay or leave.

In the case of floatation you are in complete control of your experience.

You can get out at any point during the float if you wish.

When you arrive you will be shown to your own private room which you can lock from inside if you wish. There will be your own shower and towels, like being in a hotel room or spa. You will be given clear guidance when you arrive at the centre, and the chance to ask any questions. There’s lots more information about preparing for your float and other topics on this website if you’d like to find out more in the mean time.

You can leave the pod door open if you wish. Or partially open. The pod door has a handle inside and is very easy to open, with gas lifts which help you, like with a car boot door.

There is a light in the pod which you can leave on during your float if you wish. The light switch is in the pod so you can turn it off or on at any point during the float.

You are in control.


A third aspect to this is that if you’ve never tried it before, floatation is an unusual experience! It is something quite different to anything else.

But contrast this with something many people do all the time.  If you get in a car on a regular basis, you probably don’t think too much about it. A float pod is a very similar size to a small car. And once you get used to the idea, it’s much more relaxing.

It’s perfectly natural to fear the unknown, but overcoming this fear can be not only very satisfying, but also very empowering.

I completely understand these concerns, because I was worried about feeling claustrophobic before I first tried floatation. Then I loved the experience, and forgot all about this worry.

Take your time

You could try doing it gradually. At first leave the door open and the light on. Then maybe close the door a bit. Maybe later you’ll feel like turning the light off for a while to see what it’s like.

If you can bring yourself to try the full floatation experience with the door closed and light off, you’ll discover a magical realm where size is not even an issue. In the complete darkness you can’t even tell whether your eyes are open or closed. The water is skin temperature, so after a while you can’t feel where your body ends and the water begins. Some describe it as being like floating in space!

… but I won’t rush you. Maybe you’ll give that a go, maybe not. Either way it’s fine!

So in conclusion, chances are that your fears of claustrophobia will be unfounded.

Find out more about our float pods here.

You can also get a sneak preview of the pods in this short video of Shari talking about fears of claustrophobia:

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