We greatly appreciate all the responses to our survey last year. They will really help us to give you what you want from a floatation centre.

As an expression of our appreciation we are giving away a free float to one lucky winner who completed the survey!

Before we announce who it is, we want you to promise to read on even if that winner isn’t you, because there just might be another chance.

Promise? Ok, good.

And the winner is…. drumroll please….

Gosia Knights!

Congratulations and happy new year to Gosia. She will be among the first people to experience Float in the Forest once we are open.

We were not satisfied with giving away just one float though. Oh no, one is not enough. We want as many people as possible to experience the joys of floatation.

So we are also giving away a free float to one lucky winner who signed up to these emails last quarter… and that winner is…

Michelle Dodson!

Nice one Michelle, thanks for signing up, and we’re looking forward to being able to welcome you through the doors of Float in the Forest.

(OK. I guess that means that you probably didn’t win.  But you promised to read on…)

So then we got thinking… wouldn’t it be great if we could encourage even more people to float.  Hmmm… how about we give away another free float in January to another lucky subscriber? Call us crazy, but reader, we’re going to do it.

So please share this with your friends and let them know to sign up to the email list, for a chance to win.

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