Book your float

Book your float

Your choice from a selection of organic Pukka teas is included, and you’ve also got the opportunity to upgrade. Choose your add ons and we’ll have them ready and waiting for you after your float:

Nine brand seed bars

Packed with seeds they are healthy and satisfying. Enjoyable plant protein for when you emerge from your float a bit hungry. Wheat free, gluten free and vegan, high in fibre and made with sustanable palm oil, in a choice of delicious flavours to tickle your taste buds.

Bumblezest sparking beverages

Bumblezest create recipes using amazing natural ingredients; they are low sugar, low calorie and vegan but also packed with interesting flavours. Choose from three fascinating flavours, each a refreshing sensory experience to try after your float.

First time floaters need to watch the video and fill in the form

First time floaters need to watch the instructional video and fill in the intake form before they come to float.  If you are surprising someone with the gift of a float, please surprise them by showing them the preparing for your float page, so they can watch the instruction video and fill in the intake form. Please don’t leave it until arrival at the float centre, otherwise the first time floater will lose out on time in the float pod!