Book your float

Book your float

Enhance your float with your choice of add-ons:

Bumblezest sparkling beverages

Bumblezest create recipes using amazing natural ingredients; they are low sugar, low calorie and vegan but also packed with interesting tastes. Choose from three fascinating flavours, each a refreshing sensory experience after your float.

Start your float with a short guided meditation

This guided meditation lasts around 8 minutes and leads you gently into the float, through mindfulness into relaxation. It has been created and recorded specifically for use in the float pod.

Please note, that in order to be able to hear the spoken word, you will need to not wear earplugs for this float. We recommend giving your ears an extra specially good rinse out in the shower afterwards!

First time floaters need to watch the video and fill in the form

First time floaters need to watch the instructional video and fill in the intake form before they come to float.  If you are surprising someone with the gift of a float, please surprise them by showing them the preparing for your float page, so they can watch the instruction video and fill in the intake form. Please don't leave it until arrival at the float centre, otherwise the first time floater will lose out on time in the float pod!