Goodies for sale in the float centre shop

Gorgeous toiletries, fluid art jewellery, tasty things and more

Goodies available in the float centre

At Float in the Forest we have some lovely things available to buy in the shop (but we are not selling them online).

When you come for your float you can check them out, but in the meantime here’s a sneaky peak…

Trek bars

Trek bars

People quite often emerge from their float feeling a bit peckish.  So we wanted to provide something convenient, healthy AND tasty!

In the shop we have delicious protein flapjacks from TREK.  100% plant-based ingredients, packed with protein and gluten-free oats. They’re tasty and satisfying too.

(They come in various different flavours, so we may not always have the exact ones pictured here.)

Cawston Press sparkling juice drinks

Cawston Press drinks

We have a range of cold drinks from Cawston Press, to refresh you after your float.

These drinks are fun and fizzy but have no added sugar, sweeteners, colours or preservatives. They’re full of pressed fruit and we think they’re amazing!

Add one to your float booking or order it when you come in, and we’ll have it cold from the fridge ready for your post-float sensory delight.

(Again, they come in various different flavours, so we may not always have the exact ones pictured here.)

Faith in Nature toiletries

Faith in Nature toiletries

We love these products by award-winning Faith in Nature. We provide them for you to use in the showers and toilets when you come to float, and they are available to buy in the shop too.

Seaweed and Citrus body wash, shampoo, and conditioner…  blending the antioxidant qualities of wild harvested seaweed with aromatic lemon notes. 100% natural fragrance with essential oils. They smell gorgeous and feel great on your skin and hair.

Aloe Vera & Tea Tree hand wash… a deep woody smell, with the added bonus of the cleansing and antibacterial qualities of tea tree. 99% naturally derived hand wash made with 100% natural fragrance & essential oils.

Free from parabens and SLS. Vegan Society Approved and cruelty-free.

Bring the bottles back to be refilled at a discount.

Washable makeup removal wipes

Washable makeup removal wipes

We provide washable wipes in the float centre, for you to remove any makeup before floating.

These luxury makeup removal wipes (made by the fab folks at Cheeky Wipes) are practical and help to reduce waste, and are also beautifully soft and pretty.

They’ve been so popular that we also stock them to buy in a pack of 5 in a handy zipped bag.


Beauty Kitchen gel cleanser

Gel cleanser

To help you remove any makeup before your float, we also provide Seahorse plankton+ revitalising gel cleanser from Beauty Kitchen.

An invigorating gel-based cleanser made with Beauty Kitchen’s unique blend of marine extracts that gently remove impurities and pollution to reveal refreshed, glowing and nourished skin. Inspired by the smell of a campfire on the beach at sunset. Brought to life with blue chamomile, seaweed, cedarwood and frankincense.

You can try it when you come to float, and then buy your own from the shop.

Don’t worry, no seahorses are harmed in the making of it (we wondered this too!). The Seahorse Plankton+ skincare range includes two types of microalgae which are grown especially in photo bioreactors, so no food is taken from seahorses. 100% natural ingredients, vegan and cruelty free. Beauty Kitchen are part of the #reuserevolution: return their bottles to them, and they’ll wash and reuse them.

Juals Candles


We’re delighted to offer beautiful candles made in South Wales by Alan and Julie from Juals Candles.

The candles are made of a blended natural vegan wax containing only rapeseed and coconut. It has very low soot output, and burns slowly. The candles are free of paraffin, soy or palm, beeswax or synthetic additives, and all the fragrance oils they use are vegan friendly and paraben-free.

Alan and Julie create an amazing range of fragrances which is changing all the time. Check them out next time you’re in the float centre!

Local art

We’re very proud to be working with two local fluid artists – Monique Oliver and Sara Ulyatt – who use the float centre as a gallery space.  Some of the pieces on display in the lounge are for sale, ask us to find out more.  Monique and Sara also have some smaller items for sale in the shop…

Sara ulyatt

Sara Ulyatt catches the drips of paint when she’s creating her awesome paintings, and turns them into new mini artworks.

She creates these beautiful necklaces and coasters.  Each one is unique, and matches the colours of a painting out there somewhere.  We love this idea.

The photos don’t really do justice to the gorgeous shimmering iridescence Sara has captured… you’ll just have to come and see them for yourself when you come for a float!


Monique Oliver jewellery

Monique Oliver

We also have stunning jewellery made by Monique Oliver.

Monique also recycles the run-off paint from her amazing paintings, and transforms it into gorgeous pieces of hypo-allergenic jewellery.

There are necklaces of different shapes and sizes, bangles and rings, each one with a unique pattern and colour combination.

Have a closer look and treat yourself (or someone else) when you come to the float centre!


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