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Who is Float in the Forest?

Float in the Forest is the collaboration of Will Griffin and Shari Vandervelde. Shari and Will first met as teenagers, and have been on a path together ever since!

Will has wandered through faith, reason, scepticism and transcendence, with plenty of adventures along the way.  He first discovered floating in London, in 1999 thanks to a coincidental (?) combination of a party, the book ‘The Centre of the Cyclone’, and Floatworks.  You can read about his first floating experience here.  He soon persuaded Shari to try it as well.

Will likes to build things that work.  He may deny it, but he is a computer whizz and brings a wealth of logical thinking and technical wizardry to the Float in the Forest venture.  He feels grounded in awareness of the physical movements of the body, and enjoys climbing and mountain biking.  He is pleasantly surprised when he remembers to have his mind and body in the same place.

Shari has worked in a variety of settings within the criminal justice system and the community, helping and empowering people.  She works best when focused on a cause which gets her excited, and Float in the Forest certainly does that!

Shari has always enjoyed pampering and spa experiences. When she developed a back problem in 2004, she discovered the power of floating and other alternative treatments to help.  She also found that floating was very effective at calming her busy mind.

Shari relishes organising things behind the scenes and is a devil for a spreadsheet.  Nonetheless she can also be a social butterfly, so will often be found raising Float in the Forest’s profile on social media and in person.  Shari enjoys yoga and food in equal balance.

Shari and Will moved to the Forest of Dean in 2011, having discovered a love for the landscape here.  Ivor the border collie has since joined them, and they all enjoy walking and running together amongst the trees.  It took a little while for them to find themselves in this new and unusual place, but then as if by magic, it all started coming together.  As time went on, Shari and Will realised that they could combine their skills and passions, and that this special corner of the world would be a wonderful place to open a float centre, with the added benefit of being in a beautiful natural environment.  And so Float in the Forest was born…

Shari and Will love the adventure of bringing the experience of floating to other people… and they’re looking forward to meeting you!


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