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Floatation (or ‘floating’) is a type of relaxation therapy.

Float on the surface of warm water saturated with Epsom salt, in a comfortable environment where sound and light are minimised.  Imagine relaxing in a giant bathtub that you can sleep in with peace of mind.

Float in the Forest is your new float centre, coming soon to the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire… providing a wonderful floatation experience, with the added benefit of emerging into a beautiful natural environment.

Current status: preparing for construction


Float in the Forest is not open yet, but we are working hard on getting open as soon as possible.

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Find out more about floating

Find out more about floatation, the benefits that many people get from it, the answers to some frequently asked questions, take a look at our blog, and much more.

Your muscles let go of tension

Your mind can switch off

This is time which is yours alone

Stress drops away

Anxiety dissolves

Sleep patterns improve

Pain is relieved

Recovery is accelerated

Improved performance is yours for the taking

Unlimited possibilities are opened to you for creativity and adventure

Calm is yours to embrace

Why float?

Deep Relaxation

Escape hectic daily life and let your tensions dissolve into weightless relaxation.  This is time which is yours alone, free of the demands of others.  The calm comfort of floatation soothes away stress and anxiety.  At last a space to truly rest the body and still the chatter of the mind.

Improved Health

Floatation reduces blood pressure and improves circulation. Levels of the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol are reduced. You are bathed in salts of the essential mineral Magnesium.  Your muscles, joints and bones are released from the effects of gravity.

Pain Relief

Sufferers of chronic pain from many conditions including Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and back pain have gained relief by using floatation for pain management.  Muscle tension and joint pain are reduced through being unburdened by the buoyant water.

Sleep Better

The deep rest of floating dissolves fatigue, leaving you feeling truly refreshed.  Not only can a single float feel as restorative as a full night’s sleep, but floating also improves sleep patterns, offering relief from insomnia and the ability to ‘reset’ jet lag.

Accelerated Recovery

Sports recovery is boosted by floatation, with lactic acid broken down faster, allowing you to train smarter, and get back to doing what you love sooner.  Rehabilitation times from injury are reduced.  Proper recuperation keeps you at the top of your game.  Visualise success.


Floating can give profound relief from the physical strains of pregnancy. An opportunity to practise breathing techniques and relax. A real rest for you and your baby, and a chance to build a profound connection together in a peaceful and supportive environment.


Floating is a doorway to deeper meditation. The reduced sensory input and weightlessness removes distractions, empowering you to quiet your mind with ease.  Switch off the mind and be present, and make it easier to do so in your every day life.

Freedom from habits

The float environment puts the power to reprogram unwanted behaviours in your hands.  Abandon your addictions.  Through regular floating you can insert a pause between the stimulus and the habitual response, giving you an opportunity to act from somewhere authentic.

Consciousness Exploration

You are the frontier of unlimited possibility, free to experiment without constraint.  Travel through time.  Explore the multiverse.  Hang out with transdimensional entities.  This is your space.  This is your adventure.  Have fun and enjoy!

Mental Clarity

Discover a space of peaceful reflection, free of all distractions.  This environment fosters true focus: for improved decision-making, effective problem-solving, deeper insight, and freedom of mind.  Here is the clarity you need to make real progress.


Business floatation packages offer team-bonding and brainstorming opportunities. Focus on your business problem or idea with a fresh new perspective.  Floatation membership options for happy, healthy and productive employees.


Find a calm mind, free of distractions.  You can give full attention to learning, absorb knowledge more quickly, and  understand more deeply.  The more challenging the concept, the more useful you will find floating.

Creativity Unleashed

Break creative block.  Open a channel to the wellspring of your innate creativity.  Calm the inner chatter and find peace of mind.  Open yourself to inspiration, and meet your muse in the garden of your mind.


Enjoy the sensations. Enjoy the time alone. Enjoy that post-float feeling.  Combine your float with other activities and treatments.  Bring a friend along.  Floating doesn’t have to be serious, and you don’t need an excuse to enjoy yourself.

The deepest relaxation you will ever feel, the closest to weightless you can be on this planet.

How long does a float last?

The length of a float can vary between different float centres, but the most common in the UK is one hour, and that's how long a standard float will be at Float in the Forest. We will ask you to allow longer for the whole visit as you will need some time...

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July 2018 – the final free float winner!

Each month since we started this project, we have held a competition to give away a free float to a lucky new subscriber to our email list, chosen by random selection. As they say, all good things must come to an end, and today's winner is the final winner...

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Take your own route to the flow state

"Sick of being left holding the spare water bottle, puncture repair kit and warm post ride clothing?? Come and relax instead at Float in the Forest... The antithesis of a black ATB bike ride!"   These words came from a wise friend of mine, and they got me thinking....

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