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Beyond relaxation

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Float in the Forest

Beyond relaxation

Float in the Forest is your floatation centre in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

Floatation is the deepest relaxation you will ever feel.

Half a tonne of Epsom salt in the water means you float effortlessly on the surface and feel weightless. The body temperature water supports you in total comfort, so you can let go of tension and drift into a blissful state.

Enjoy your own private room with a beautiful, state-of-the-art float pod. Luxuriate in your rainfall shower complete with natural toiletries and big fluffy towels. Take your time in the lounge afterwards, while you sip your choice of complimentary organic tea.

Emerge into a beautiful natural environment and carry the feeling of serenity on into your life.

Floating regularly brings cumulative benefits.

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What our customers are saying

  • Went with my fiancé. Booked as a surprise this birthday. We both loved it. Shari was fab to put you at ease.
    And the float is relaxing. For myself I came with ideas and my fiancé was fully relaxed after. Would highly recommend

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    Nikki C
  • Yesterday was my first float. I would describe my experience as odd but deeply deeply relaxing.... and the effects today are great today too. For example, I can choose to relax at any given moment, my vision has widened, I am aware of my body in a way that is different , hard to describe that one!
    The space is so well looked after and well designed. The staff are super welcoming and dedicated to supporting your experience to be a positive one. I felt I could hangout for ages in the lounge after to transition to the outside world. If you are at all curious do yourself a favour and book yourself a float! I am so going to book again!! Thank you

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    Nicola Damery
  • Absolutely amazing! Felt super welcome and from walking in to the building the whole atmosphere is so calming... I’ve wanted to float for years and built up so much excitement, and it was one of those rare experiences where it was even better than I’d built it up to be. One of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ll be back soon!

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    Brooke Davies
  • One of the best experiences you will ever have!

    This is such a unique thing to do and you will walk away feeling super relaxed and rested.

    The owners Will and Shari are extremely friendly and welcoming and will explain the steps to floating. The pods themselves look straight out of a sci-fi film and the lighting really sets the mood.

    The water itself is like the Dead Sea, where you will float easily and with the lid shut and lights off you will soon completely relax and zone out.

    Before you know it the hour is up and you're left feeling great! This is definitely a great way to spend your day and will be left wanting more.

    I highly recommend!

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    Lee Scarratt
  • I recently had my third float, and I must say, it keeps getting better. The first time was all about adjusting to the novel experience—when else are we completely deprived of sound, sight, and sensation? By the third session, I relaxed immediately, not just physically but mentally as well. Life's complexities seem to become clearer, as if answers simply present themselves when there are no distractions. I'll definitely keep going! Thank you, Shari, for your warm welcoming.

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    Elena Jeffries

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Why float?

Deep Relaxation

Escape hectic daily life and let your tensions dissolve into weightless relaxation.  This is time which is yours alone, free of the demands of others.  Above all, the calm comfort of floatation soothes away stress and anxiety.  At last a space to truly rest the body and still the chatter of the mind.

Improved Health

Floatation reduces blood pressure and improves circulation. Levels of the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol are reduced. You are bathed in salts of the essential mineral Magnesium.  Furthermore, your muscles, joints and bones are released from the effects of gravity.

Pain Relief

Sufferers of chronic pain from many conditions including Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and back pain have gained relief by using floatation for pain management.  Muscle tension and joint pain are reduced through being unburdened by the buoyant water.

Sleep Better

The deep rest of floating dissolves fatigue, leaving you feeling truly refreshed.  Not only can a single float feel as restorative as a full night’s sleep, but certainly floating also improves sleep patterns, offering relief from insomnia and the ability to ‘reset’ jet lag.

Enhanced Performance

Sports recovery is boosted by floatation as a result of lactic acid broken down faster, allowing you to train smarter and get back to doing what you love sooner.  Likewise rehabilitation times from injury are reduced, and what’s more, proper recuperation keeps you at the top of your game.  Enhance your performance and visualise your success.


Floating can give profound relief from the physical strains of pregnancy due to the buoyancy of the water. An opportunity to practise breathing techniques and relax. Not only is this a real rest for you and your baby, but also a chance to build a profound connection together in a peaceful and supportive environment.


Floating is a doorway to deeper meditation. The reduced sensory input and weightlessness removes distractions, empowering you to quiet your mind with ease.  As a result you can switch off your mind and be present, and make it easier to do so in your every day life.

Freedom from habits

The float environment puts the power to reprogram unwanted behaviours in your hands.  Consequently, this is an opportunity to abandon your addictions.  Through regular floating you can insert a pause between the stimulus and the habitual response, giving you an opportunity to act from somewhere authentic.

Mental Clarity

Discover a space of peaceful reflection, while free of all distractions.  This environment fosters true focus: for improved decision-making, effective problem-solving, deeper insight, and freedom of mind. Certainly here is the clarity you need to make real progress.

Creativity Unleashed

Break creative block.  Open a channel to the wellspring of your innate creativity.  Calm the inner chatter and find peace of mind.  Open yourself to inspiration, and maybe meet your muse in the garden of your mind.

Consciousness Exploration

You are the frontier of unlimited possibility, free to experiment without constraint.  Travel through time.  Explore the multiverse.  Hang out with transdimensional entities.  This is your space.  What’s more, this is your adventure.  Have fun and enjoy!


Enjoy the sensations. Revel in the time alone.  Wallow in that post-float feeling.  Combine your float with other activities and treatments.  Bring a friend along.  Above all, floating doesn’t have to be serious, and you don’t need an excuse to enjoy yourself.

Self Work

Floatation could be called a spiritual technology. The floatation pod removes a lot of work from us, and frees us up for the real work. Though deliberate work in the pod we can establish an experiential connection with our selves in the broadest sense, and uncover a way to be of service to our greater self.

Trip the light fantastic!

Lie back, close your eyes and your face is bathed in a warm glow. Gentle pulses of light with synchronised soundscapes lead your awareness on an immersive journey into beautiful imagery and blissful moods.

Unique combinations of frequencies stimulate specific brain wave patterns often associated with joy, intuition, and creativity. Behind closed eyelids the light conjures beautiful visions in your mind’s eye, accompanied by feelings of wonder, clarity and peace.  It’s fun, and you feel great afterwards too.  Pair it with a float to go even deeper!

Discover the Roxiva RX1 light machine, and find yourself delightfully transported. Find out more on this page about transcendent light sessions.

Man in deep relaxation enjoying the Roxiva RX1 light machine

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The deepest relaxation you will ever feel, the closest to weightless you can be on this planet.

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