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Beyond relaxation

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Float in the Forest

Beyond relaxation

Float in the Forest is your floatation centre in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

Floatation is the deepest relaxation you will ever feel.

Half a tonne of Epsom salt in the water means you float effortlessly on the surface and feel weightless. The body temperature water supports you in total comfort, so you can let go of tension and drift into a blissful state.

Enjoy your own private room with a beautiful, state-of-the-art float pod. Luxuriate in your rainfall shower complete with natural toiletries and big fluffy towels. Take your time in the lounge afterwards, while you sip your choice of complimentary organic tea.

Emerge into a beautiful natural environment and carry the feeling of serenity on into your life.

Floating regularly brings cumulative benefits.

Happy person floating

What our customers are saying

  • Absolutely brilliant experience, so relaxing. Will definitely be back!

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    Jenny Astridge
  • My first time yesterday and I'll definitely be back. I felt so relaxed and refreshed. Excellent service too 🙂

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    Katherine Nelson-Brown
  • What an amazing experience. Totally relaxed body and mind, as well as helping aches and pains! Had a wonderful welcome with great customer service. Will be back! 😊

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    Shell Lambert
  • My goodness, this place is a little slice of heaven on earth. Shari and Will offer such a fantastically unique experience right on the edge of the forest. Both are very welcoming and despite us not being very spiritual, you can tell they are just a pair of lovely souls. The entire building is spotlessly clean and you feel calm as soon as you step foot over the threshold. And now to the best bit, the float. I chose to have the lights off and earplugs in and as I mentioned before, not being particularly mindfull/spiritual I wasn't looking to penetrate and ponder the inner workings of my psyche, I just wanted to have an hour of the ultimate relaxation that money can buy, and I got every single pennys worth. Stepping into the crystal clear water then closing the lid, the water is so dense, staying sat on the bottom is almost a challenge. I did feel a bit spinny at first, but that settled before the music disappeared and all my aches and tension followed soon after. Being 5'5" I could fully starfish and I also tried a full body, vertical stretch and didn't touch any sides. Another thing I noticed, unlike being submerged in the bath, there were no belly gurglings to be heard during the float, unsure if that was due to the water density or the earplugs, but I found the lack of them added to zero sensation experienced. I will also add the the room itself was the optimum temperature, normally after showering from swimming at the gym I have to sit for 10 mins just to adjust before getting dressed, but not here, it was not too warm, not too cool; just perfect. Absolutely amazing way to spend a couple of hours on our 10th wedding anniversary, thank you.

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    Danielle “MrsCardone” Cardone
  • It’s lovely and relaxing, already booked two more each for my wife and myself

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    Tim Taylor
  • Some call it deprivation of sight and sound but Its the luxurious rest from sight and sound for me. Just letting my body be supported by and merge with the water, uncertain of the meeting point between the two. Time to truly drop into rest as I drift between different levels of relaxation. Each visit provides a slightly different experience.
    Feeling cared about by Shari and Will and confident that they have prepared everything to provide the highest standards of safety, cleanliness and the wonderful float experience. All the above with care for our planet too.

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    Carolyn Thomas
  • A wonderful stress busting relaxing experience. I would highly recommend a float. Maybe as a gift experience ❤️

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    Donna Gauntlett
  • What can I say about float in the forest?

    The most relaxing experience, Shari was lovely, the whole place felt serene and calm and smelt great!
    The floatation rooms were clean and the products are lovely and smell amazing!

    The float it’s self was the best part, it’s something I’ve never experienced before and to be able to “shut off” an just be at peace for a whole hour was something that I clearly need to do more often!

    The location is beautiful for a walk after if you have the time.

    I look forward to going again soon

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    Carley Cardwell
  • I cannot recommend “floating” highly enough! A truly incredible experience and feeling! Float in The Forest is impeccably clean, the facilities are incredible and Will and Shari make you feel so welcome and relaxed, wonderful people happy to answer any questions you have, they have worked incredibly hard to create such a fantastic facility! We’ve floated twice now and I cannot wait for my third experience!

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    Nicki Trim
  • Took my first float today! Great experience! Felt total relaxation and complete inner peace that carried with me... can’t wait to return to Float in the Forest again soon!!!

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    Steve Brookbanks
  • Great experience. Peculiar but emerged serene soft and calm. Energised but still

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    John Stone
  • My first float was bought as a Christmas present - 2019! Third time lucky due to various lockdowns, and I enjoyed my first float - and hopefully not last! Thanks for a fab time - if you’re not sure, just go for it!!

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    Ann Woosnam
  • Unique chilled out experience, definitely plan to have a second float.

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    Pete Johnson
  • such an amazing experience! I would definitely recommend floating to anyone who would like to commit to their own self care and well being. Will and Shari are such amazingly friendly and kind people, I feel like I've known them for years not a week! if you haven't tried this yet give it a go, you won't be disappointed!!

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    Katie Norris
  • Will and Shari were so lovely and accommodating during our visit. The centre is absoultely beautiful and homely. As soon as we walked in we felt like we had just arrived home. Everything was explained fully and the attention to detail was outstanding. Our floats were incredibly relaxing, the relaxation area heightened our level of relaxation with herbal teas and a colouring book that I quickly tucked into. Pure delight! Anyone living or passing through the Forest of Dean must visit Float in the Forest. You would not want to miss out! 🙂

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    Tina Cordova
  • I have had 2 floats so far and have felt amazing after each one. Shari and Will evoke a lovely sense of calm and have really given great thought into providing everything needed for a lovely experience.
    I plan on floating regularly to help with joint pain and migraines and look forward to my next session!

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    Michelle Llewellyn-James
  • Extreme relaxation, floating, who knew !

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    Ade James
  • Just had my first float - it was lovely so relaxing. Looking forward to my next visit . If you’ve never tried it give it a go and have a couple of hours just “ floating “ .

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    Susan Donne
  • Two days ago I had my first ever float. I loved it and have to say it was amazing. Will and Shari who run the center put me at ease straight away and gave me a really good explanation of what to do and how things work. The pod itself was really cool looking and everything was spotlessly clean.
    I had worried that I might feel claustrophobic but this just wasn't the case and I even felt happy to turn all the lights off. ( I would definitely recommend doing that).
    The experience was really interesting and for someone who can't meditate for the life of them a truly unique, calming and centering experience.
    2 days later. I am still feeling great, less little aches and pains. Clearer head.
    I am booking my next one for 2 weeks time.

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    Ian Barnes
  • A very professional set up with very friendly and helpful guidance. Extremely clean yet relaxed atmosphere. My second float and nothing like my first. My first one was meditative and I used my 2nd one to stretch and relax muscles that had been over worked in recent weeks.

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    Eleanor Jane Kirby
  • Amazing experience, took away all stress and tension, very high standard and attention to detail, felt really looked after during the visit, can't recommend enough

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    Lisa James
  • Genuinely loved the experience, definitely worth a visit, the team are absolutely lovely and we weren't rushed through, we were given time to relax at our own pace.

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    Hannah Palmer
  • Absolutely amazing! Felt super welcome and from walking in to the building the whole atmosphere is so calming... I’ve wanted to float for years and built up so much excitement, and it was one of those rare experiences where it was even better than I’d built it up to be. One of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ll be back soon!

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    Brooke Davies
  • Had a brilliant first float this week with Float in the Forest. Everything was spotlessly clean which was really important to me. There was no rush at any stage and the service felt very personal. The informative videos before even setting foot on the premises were so helpful and put our minds at ease about what to expect. The experience itself was amazing and if you have ever thought about it I would urge you to book in and try it for yourself. Would thoroughly recommend and have already booked our next floats. Thank you! Can’t wait to come back!

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    Victoria Bragg
  • wonderful calming experience helped by the friendly atmosphere as soon as you walk in.

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    Evelyn Williams
  • One of the best experiences you will ever have!

    This is such a unique thing to do and you will walk away feeling super relaxed and rested.

    The owners Will and Shari are extremely friendly and welcoming and will explain the steps to floating. The pods themselves look straight out of a sci-fi film and the lighting really sets the mood.

    The water itself is like the Dead Sea, where you will float easily and with the lid shut and lights off you will soon completely relax and zone out.

    Before you know it the hour is up and you're left feeling great! This is definitely a great way to spend your day and will be left wanting more.

    I highly recommend!

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    Lee Scarratt
  • From the minute I watched the video and then the subsequent times I rewatched it, I was giddy about getting to FITF and climbing into the pod. We were warmly welcomed and shown around and the whole experience was just out of this world. The space, the people, the artwork, the decor, the lighting, the products. Everything is carefully curated to ensure your experience is like travelling to another dimension. I left the float room to meet my pal in the zen den space and I felt like a different person and we giggled about how zoned out we were, we had specifically planned a chilled afternoon (she had been before and was learning from previous innocent error). LEAVE YOURSELF NOTHING OR ONLY KIND SELFCARE THINGS TO DO AFTERWARDS TO PROLONG THE SENSATIONS AND FEELINGS.

    You not regret doing this for yourself. The website is a perfect introduction to what this place is all about and describes it wonderfully but you cannot bottle or truely be perfecting what they offer, it is out of this world.

    Get yourself booked in ASAP ❤️‍🔥

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    The Moon and Lotus Birth Prep
  • Great experience and everyone is really friendly!

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    Andre Naude
  • This experience was a revelation, both the time floating and how I felt afterwards. Will and Shari are so considerate, everything has been thought of. The room you use is a very relaxing, neutral setting and the pod is shiny, white and inviting. When you step in the water it is silky and warm, you choose how to experience floating and off you go! Being weightless and without the usual everyday distractions you quickly feel utterly at ease. I underestimated how 'zoned out' I was the first time, both when I got out of the pod and again driving home - I felt like I was moving in slow motion. This is why the relaxation room is the perfect follow-up to the float. How do I feel afterwards? Utterly gorgeous and more flexible in mind and body. I have a history of chronic fatigue and it definitely brought up my energy level. Am I a convert? Oh yes! 🥰🥰🥰

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    Kate Hirst
  • Incredible place perfectly designed for the welness of the mind, body and spirit 😉
    Will and Shari are beautiful humans inside and out and they make you feel welcome and cared for from the moment you walk through the doors. If you haven't tried floating before, you will get spoiled as this is easily one of THE BEST places in the UK.
    Can't wait to be back! 😀

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    Anna Martensson
  • A superb experience! First class floatation centre (and I've been to a few)... beautiful location, friendly and knowledgeable staff, an absolute joy to visit.

    The layout feels more spacious than other floatation centres I've been to. A very, very peaceful atmosphere and loads of room to chill out, enjoy the art and a complementary herbal tea afterwards.

    Feeling transformed after my float. So relaxing and revitalising at the same time (sounds contradictory, but you'll know what I mean once you've tried it). Looking forward to my next visit!

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    Marc Price
  • friendly, helpful staff. always pleased to see you, nothing is too much trouble

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    Owen Carter
  • Lovely welcoming people, a fabulously relaxing float in a spotlessly clean pod and a gorgeous aromatherapy massage.

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    Julie Gibbons
  • My monthly visit is an hour of tranquillity that allows me to relax and unwind. Float in the Forest is a precious oasis of calm.

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    Nige Salter
  • My first float with these guys yesterday and it was amazing! The rooms are pristine and they’ve thought of everything. I highly recommend it for easing some of your aches and pains - it worked for me!
    EDIT 24/07/22: I returned for my 4th float yesterday which was as lovely as my previous 3! It’s always very welcoming, spotlessly clean and they’ve thought of everything. It’s a fantastic way of unwinding and experiencing a feeling of deep relaxation and weightlessness. It’s a strange experience initially in the tank with the light out (you can turn the light on and off from inside) but is now my preferred way to float. You feel like you’re drifting through space!! I really should do this more often!

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    Tracey Joy
  • I had my first float today and it was so relaxing, Shari explained the whole set up very well and made me feel at ease.

    I’ve already booked to go back in a few weeks 😍😍😍

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    Julie Heycock
  • I loved it, afterwards my body felt totally relaxed and my mind felt energised. I was more refreshed than if I'd had several good nights sleep in a row, one good nights sleep is practically impossible for me so reaching this level of relaxation in one hour is pretty close to miraculous!

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    Gill Johnson
  • We enjoyed our second float recently and it is absolute bliss...a journey into the unknown, an escape into oneself...each time, each individual a different experience...as Will says..."you may not get what you expect but you will get exactly what you need."

    So true...looking forward to the next one and so grateful to this lovely pair for working so hard to make this available 💜🙏

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    Kate Holly
  • Me & my friend visited for the first time & was blown away with how amazing it was! the owners are lovely and so welcoming! we will be back again to float 💙

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    Emma Cooke
  • A lovely Calming experience can fully recommend this special 😊

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    Bryan Hennessey
  • First time floating, but not my last. Shari and Will were very welcoming and the centre was absolutely spotless, with care taken to ensure hygiene, social distancing and your comfort. Instructions were very clear, as I wasn't sure what to do, with an introductory video and reminder in the float room itself. The float itself was just amazing, so relaxing and physically soothing that I was still feeling the effects 12 hours later and into the next day (today). Thank you so much Float in the Forest, can't wait to come again!

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    Emily Trenwith
  • Such a wonderful experience! So relaxing, and Shari and Will are so lovely and welcoming. All safety measures taken care of. Would thoroughly recommend!

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    Tyler Heselton
  • Myself and mum attended for our first float this weekend and we absolutely loved it. We were quite apprehensive before we went as we were unsure what to expect but we were blown away! Floating really is something that can’t be explained and we’ll be recommending it to anyone who asks because we think it should be something everyone should experience at least once! On top of the float Shari and Will made us feel at home and ensured we were comfortable, answered any questions and were just lovely people! We can’t wait to return 🥰

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    Anna Tysoe
  • Thanks so much for a wonderful float experience. It was my first float and I felt so relaxed, very important when you're 6 months pregnant. Sherrie gave me a fab induction tour and explained everything. Everything was immaculately clean and I felt very welcome. See you again soon 🙏

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    Sianne Donovan
  • The most relaxing but surreal experience! I experienced my first float earlier today and it’s safe to say I will return, it’s hard to explain to someone what it’s like but I would definitely recommend it just to see. Very relaxing and great stress relief! Thank you so much 😊

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    Amie Callicott
  • I’ve just been for my first float thanks to a birthday gift from my parents.
    Oh wow! It was the most amazing experience and I will definitely be back, I feel so calm and relaxed, my back/neck and shoulder ache has gone and my stress levels have gone right down.
    You have to try it to fully appreciate the feeling of an empty mind and not knowing where your body is anymore.
    Thank you so much Shari and Will.

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    Nikki Knight
  • Wow, I had forgotten what an amazing experience this is. Not only that, Shari and Will have made this place amazing with lots of attention to detail. I feel so good and will be going again.

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    Carol Skolimowski
  • I have been having regular ‘floats’ at Float in the Forest since they opened.
    It is a fabulous resource for the Forest.
    I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to relieve their stress and tension, as it will quickly help them to relax. The facilities and float pods are spotlessly clean and everything is arranged for our convenience.
    Chilling out in the comfortable lounge area is a wonderful way to transition between the bliss of the float and getting back into the driving seat to go home!
    Many thanks to Shari and Will (and to Helen who gave me a lift back to my car!) 😊

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    Sousa Hari
  • I genuinely cannot recommend highly enough the float in the forest experience. The place is incredible and they give you every thing you could possibly need for the most relaxing comforting feeling in the world. It's like being in the womb! I need to go back. I have been more calm today than I have in months. It has helped with my anxiety no end. I'm going to get a massage as well next time.

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    Katie Monkman
  • If you are looking for total relaxation of mind and body then a float is what you need. It’s quite difficult to describe the experience of weightlessness and calm felt whilst floating.
    It’s not something I’ve ever felt to that depth before. A truly unique experience that I would highly recommend. Thank you Shari and Will x

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    Adele Mitchell
  • Great place to relax and unwind in these stressful times!

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    Thomas Humphries
  • Such a relaxing experience and an aid to pain relief 😊

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    Lynn Essex
  • Always welcoming and a great atmosphere to relax in!

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    Rob Robbins
  • From the moment we arrived at Float in the Forest, Will made the experience for two new floaters amazing! He guided us through what to expect and his positivity alleviated any nerves and apprehension. The
    venue was spotlessly clean and the floating out of this world - have never experienced anything like it before but will definitely be booking again soon 😁

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    Billybobsamand Alex
  • Absolute disconnect from the real world. Just what I needed. Super friendly, relaxing atmosphere. Felt like I'd had a whole day at a spa when I came out.

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    Abigail Simpson
  • If you’re looking for total relaxation and to shut the world out for a time (and let’s face it most of us will want to at the moment due to the current situation) this is the experience you need. Total peace and calm. Just wonderful. Highly recommended!

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    Sarah Gladwin
  • AMAZING experience from start to finish. Had a voucher as a Christmas Gift but even paying full cost would be so worth it. The hosts are so friendly and welcoming, everything is spotless and well thought out. Feel so relaxed now. Will definitely be going back! Great to have something like this so close to home.

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    Faye Harris
  • Very clean, clear explanation and a really enjoyable experience.

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    Alison Blasdale
  • Amazing experience . Never felt so relaxed.

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    Laurence Meir
  • I suffer with back problems & have had acupuncture & seen osteopaths for years, all of which has definitely eased my pain for a period of time. However, since being introduced to the world of floating, I can honestly say I've never felt better. The whole experience is a joy. Shari & Will are so friendly & welcoming & I was a little nervous before my first float, and they definitely helped put me at ease. I now float monthly & rarely have issues with my back between each float. I simply cannot recommend this place & the whole floating experience highly enough

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    Corrina Ferns
  • This was my first ‘floating’ experience and it really did exceed my expectations. It was incredibly relaxing and I came out feeling calm & rejuvenated!

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    Catherine Whitcombe
  • Went for my first float and it was so surreal it made me feel amazing and completely de-stressed. The team there were very welcoming and it was very quiet and tranquil
    If you haven’t already tried it then I 100% recommend you do!

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    Jamie Webb
  • I have a soft tissue issue at the moment and had Floatation recommended to me by my physiotherapist.

    I was born with an issue with my ears and had various problems as a child so prefer not to get water in them.

    I asked about a pillow to use but fully accepted keeping my ears out of the water was down to me and if that made me not have 'as good as experience as could be' I advised Float in the Forest that I was happy to take that risk and i would not consider this as anything they are at fault with. This was all stated via email. I also advised I have floated previously in a different location and easily managed to keep my ears out of the water.

    I was advised by Float in the Forest if I wasn't able to state that I would rinse my ears out after my float then I wouldn't be allowed to float. I have noticed T&C's have since been updated to reflect this. Please TAKE NOTE if you plan on keeping your ears out of the water for whatever reason as I am deeply upset at not being allowed to float and I feel it extremely unfair for me not to be able to establish and manage the risk to myself.


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    Karen Davies
  • what a lovely place! I had a lovely welcome from Will and Shari who showed me round and turned my apprehensions into eagerness to get in and experience my first float! the float was wonderful, time to myself with no distractions of any sort. I have already ordered my next 2 floats.

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    Caroline Jones
  • Yesterday was my first float. I would describe my experience as odd but deeply deeply relaxing.... and the effects today are great today too. For example, I can choose to relax at any given moment, my vision has widened, I am aware of my body in a way that is different , hard to describe that one!
    The space is so well looked after and well designed. The staff are super welcoming and dedicated to supporting your experience to be a positive one. I felt I could hangout for ages in the lounge after to transition to the outside world. If you are at all curious do yourself a favour and book yourself a float! I am so going to book again!! Thank you

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    Nicola Damery
  • Amazing relaxing experience. Highly recommended! Give it a go!

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    Sue Wardell
  • After wanting to try floatation since I found out Float in the Forest was being built, I finally made time for looking after myself.
    Total relaxation. I feel full of energy and all my little aches and pains have disappeared. I will definitely be returning. What an experience!

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    Helen Snowdon
  • Wonderful experience, left me feeling calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. Run by a friendly, knowledgable couple. Definitely recommend

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    Becky Marshall
  • spotlessly clean. welcoming owners. not rushed & very clear instructions. The float itself was stunning, very relaxing & helpful for some muscular issues. Am definitely going again.

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    Elaine Thornberry
  • I had a great experience for my first ever float. I wasnt sure if I would close the lid fully or want to be in total darkness. well I did both and felt totally safe and thoroughly enjoyed the darkness and much preferred to having light.
    Will did an awesome job of explaining the session, what to do, what to expect... felt totally relaxed and prepared. I moved around a bit and stretched out some tense and aching limbs and then almost nodded off toward the end of the session. I took advantage of the quiet time after the float and read more about floating and the benefits. I will definitely be floating again. A big thank you to Shar & Will

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    Sally Rall
  • Amazing experience..lovely service from the minute you walk through the door till you float back out! Left feeling very zen & relaxed!

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    Shell Smith
  • An amazing experience at Float in the Forest. Shari & Will were very welcoming and professional. I felt my nervous system calmed down and reset and I came out feeling relaxed. I could have floated longer and stayed in the relaxation room all day. I would definitely book to go back when I am in the forest again.

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    Joanne Mountford
  • Omg it was amazing and very relaxing. I was anxious to start with. But settled into it and I loved it. Good for all your aches and pains 👍😉

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    Louise PV
  • Great experience, very relaxing and run by a very friendly couple who take the time to go through things with you. Loved it and will be back 😁

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    Maria Hunt
  • quite lovely start to finish. these guys know their field and produced a wonderful experience.

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    Lynda Jones
  • Never having had a 'float' before I was a little nervous for what I was about to encounter. The guided tour and instructions/guidance provided by Shari shortly after I arrived reassured and relaxed me through her professionalism and obvious enthusiasm for what was to come. An incredible 'me' experience that truly relaxes you in a world where this is becoming more and more difficult to find. Give it a go, an amazing relaxant and no need to worry about feeling claustrophobic, I promise!

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    Rachel Bate
  • what an amazing experience I had at float in the forest. Shari are very lovely and know they're stuff and. The whole place is so warm and inviting and the float is a wonderful experience so calming and no distractions from anywhere. I highly recommend float in the forest and will definitely be returning.

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    Sam Bridle
  • Fantastic experience. Would recommend anyone thinking about it to go for it!

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    Jack Cole
  • Highly recommended. I’ve used them on 4 occasions now and each time has been great.

    It takes me beyond relaxation and I think it’s helping with my Covid recovery.

    Worth every penny.

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    David Garcia-Cote
  • Really enjoyed my first float yesterday. I’ve got a spring in my step today! Very relaxing and serene place to visit! 🤩

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    Liz Trigg
  • Had my first float yesterday and it was incredible. Hard to explain how it felt but thoroughly recommend to anyone looking to relax and unwind. Loved it so much I'm going to take out a monthly membership!

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    Sally Love
  • An hour of complete peace, escape into your own world in mindful reflection. Relax the senses and heal the body. The most amazing experience and it is a must for this busy world!

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    Toeknee Louise Stanton
  • Excellent news!!! This treat is 300m away from Bramley Lodge!!! We cant wait to give it a try!!!

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    Bramley Lodge
  • A great experience as usual!

    I can highly recommend Float in the Forrest, its always a warm welcome, great facilities and such a relaxing overall experience!

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    TH Photography
  • Can not recommend having a float with these guys enough! Every time I have visited it’s like walking into another world free from stress and chaos of daily life.

    (COVID update) Yes it’s a tad bit distanced now and you need to move on before the next appointments but that’s still loads of time tone joy post float bliss.

    Any questions you could have pre float are answers on there website and you can message if you can’t quite find an answer. Theses really simple and easy video to follow to learn all about what will happen which takes away the first time nerves. And should you forget there’s a simple guide in the pod room itself, which yes I re read every time.

    I can’t say how you will find your float but you’ll find what you need.

    If your reading this questioning where to go, go in just try it!

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    Tash Tresadern-Jones
  • An enlightening new experience, with everything explained really well to make one feel at ease with the weird and wonderful practice of floating. Can’t wait for my next float! Thank you for giving me a chunk of truly me time, relaxation, pain relief, calm.

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    Emily Victoria
  • Such a relaxing time, so calm and would definitely go again!

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    Michelle Tobin
  • Very relaxing time, staff were friendly. Felt great after, definitely recommend.

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    Ruth Wallage
  • Float in the Forest was so lovely! very relaxing and helped with my fibromyalgia! would highly recommend to anyone needing time out to completely relax!

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    Ruthie Hamblin
  • A fantastic experience. Any uncertainty was put at ease by the communication running up to my 1st appointment and with all of the website information available. No stress about parking, met and welcomed on my arrival. Spotlessly clean and organised throughout. The experience of floating was literally out of this world. To be pain free from back &hip pain for a whole hour was bliss. Definitely recommended

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    Pippa Talboys
  • lovely experience so relaxing. everything about it is relaxed. very well run. so clean.
    would definitely recommend and can't wait to go again.

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    Ami Harris
  • Brilliant experience, will definitely go again that's for sure! Will and Shari welcomed us warmly and made us feel comfortable before and after our float. I was so relaxed from the float I felt like I was on another planet! What an amazing place to have in the forest of dean, much needed! thankyou, Jess

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    Jess Adshead
  • I went to Float in the Forest for the first time yesterday and had a wonderful experience. An hour of complete calm, quiet, rest and weightlessness did wonders for my achey body and racing mind. The centre is exceptionally clean and comfortable and the staff are welcoming, friendly and informative. I felt amazing afterwards and will definitely be going back. I highly recommend it.

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    Jo Clark
  • I was a bit skeptical at first, as this was a gift from my wife. I'm quite a big guy and the thought of squeezeing myself into a small space although not cloustraphobic, did make me think will I have enough room. I needn't of worried the space was ample I could stretch out entirely. I just had 3 hours sleep as I finished a night shift and thought I would sleep drown not wake up etc. In fact I had quite the opposite sensation I felt very relaxed but alert like my brain and flicked the on off switch my body just needed to enjoy the rest of the day rested. I recommend this to the most skeptical to try as I was quite surprised at what a difference I felt afterwards.

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    Colin Walsh
  • As the first disabled person to use their accessibility suite, I can highly recommend it. Lovely friendly staff made sure I had everything I needed (thanks Will 😊). The room itself is level entry, has plenty of room for a wheelchair, and is a wet room with shower. If you need support with changing or personal care, the room is big enough to accommodate a second person to help you. Getting in and out of the floatation pod is similar to getting in and out of a bath, so if you need help with that you'd need help here too. The actual float itself was blissful! The combination of heat and weightlessness was soothing for my pain, and was beyond relaxing. I will definitely be going again!

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    Emma Louise Bosticco
  • This was a wonderful unique experience. It felt as if I pushed the reset button on my nervous system. I was so relaxed afterwards. Thank you for a wonderful first float 🙂

    Read More
    Phil de la Haye
  • An awesome place for my first ever float, i didn’t have any expectations going in, but I had a deeply insightful experience. The centre is excellent. Recconended.

    Read More
    Ravi Sandhu
  • Such a magical way to relax....its like floating in space. I can thoroughly recommend this a a way to unwind and de-stress.

    its easy to book online plus Will and Shari really put you at your ease.

    Read More
    Alison Hennessey

    Books, what you are deserving ?
    Poetry of LOVE, ? Science of MEDICINE
    or technology of WAR ??
    # Books, curved ways of lives
    are really ferocious, fragmented
    or often full of fanaticism..
    # Boos, you only be prepared with
    positivity of lives, Man of greater section
    are really in hopeless.
    # No Jesus , no Buddha
    proved any sufficiency from the
    hand of dictator, criminal or
    (!) pseudo democratic emperors.
    For more light
    For more air
    For more water
    For more food
    We have to serve ourselves
    untill last drop of blood
    is working to supply oxigen
    in brain
    So you drops my tears
    Lord requesting to you in favour of my Father's return war field.
    Learned I have, War means fight between two groups, One wants to kill , Another wants to servive .
    My father goes to war to save us . If my father killed, who will love me Christ ?
    Certainly you will not come .....
    Oh time, are you moving from sunburn to rain? From grief to Joy? Time trees learns us love. tolerance, compassion, self- sacrifices.
    Time, you you talk the story of PEACE , not WAR. Time, when the destruction will be finished ?
    Time, tell the history to be true.
    Time would you moves like as ::- War, --> Birth, -> Love - Accident, -> Joy , -> Work -> Battle, -> Medicine -> Sleep -> Killing. -> Conflict -> Wealth .... ?!?!?!
    You can forget history
    But history never. forget you
    You can bitter - with truth
    But truth will --remain unchanged.
    Cloud is flying , _Flying also grief
    From one mind - to others,
    With or without --physical problems
    # What the --life wanting ::--
    Just peace ,
    -- just scanty peace
    without tears
    Be remember,
    If possible --helps others .........

    One Ukranian' Mother's letter
    What I say is how it all happened
    The dumb cry came from the eyes to the chest and turned to stone
    You mother, your assured, I will come back at the end of the war
    How the world changed.
    You have gone to the land of Jesus Christ.
    Taken, all the words of your father.
    Even desires of smoke, sleep, smile .... ..

    Mom, are you fine? . Well, tell me,
    --- what Christ is actually!
    Everyone of there came from WAR like you?
    What a paradise, to go there we have to die with a weapon only?
    Principle, yes yes ,HE wanting death for the truth
    What is this created world for, tears, sorrow,
    Why this world of creation, full of crying, wailing
    The discovery and possessing of so much violence

    When YOU are the source of all intelligent
    Then, why this monsters double willing!
    What a world of birth and death
    Mother, are you all right?
    Good luck, stay well
    Don't even think about it for us
    And I will take care of your father
    No, don't cry, you are our pride
    In order to protect the honor of the motherland
    ---- Sacrificed
    Death of --- Martyrs

    মা'য়ের চিঠি
    কি"যে বলি কেমন করে কি যেন সব হয়ে গেলো
    বোবা কান্না চোখের থেকে বুকে এসে পাথর হলো
    তুই তো বলে ছিলি মা , যুদ্ধ শেষে আসবি ফিরে ?
    কেমন করে পৃথিবীটারই বদল হলো .
    তুই চলে গেলি যীশু খ্ৰীষ্ট'ৰ দেশে .
    নিয়ে গেলি তোর বাবা'র সব মুখের কথা .
    খিদে ঘুম মুখের হাসি চুরুট খাবার ইচ্ছা টুকুনও .

    মা তুই ভালো আছিস, আচ্ছা কেমন বলতো খ্রিস্ট .
    সবাই সেথায় তোর মতোনই যুদ্ধে মরা ?
    কেমন স্বর্গ, সেথায় যেতে অস্ত্রাঘাতে মরতে হবে
    নীতির , হ্যাঁ হ্যাঁ সত্যের পক্ষে মৃত্যু চাই
    কিসের জন্য এই সৃষ্টি জগৎ , কান্না দুঃখ হাহাকার
    কোনোই বা এতো হিংসা অত্যাচারের আবিষ্কার ?

    যখন সব বিদ্যে বুদ্ধির সূত্রপাত তুমিই
    তবে কেন এই দৈততা
    কেমন জগৎ জন্ম মৃত্যু

    মা'তুই ভালো আছিস তো?
    ভালো'থাকিস , ভালো থাকিস
    একটুও ভাবিস'না আমাদের জন্য
    ও আমি ঠিক সামলে নেবো
    না না কাঁদবনা, তুই তো আমাদের গর্ব
    দেশ মাতৃকার সন্মান রক্ষার্থে
    ---- আত্মাহুতি দিয়েছিস
    --- শহীদের মৃত্যু!
    One Daughter's letter from the battlefield, to the mother
    Ma'go,(mom) you listen Your daughter today
    Deep in undoubt percevarance
    Where there is nothing -material desires
    Yet only grown up- from ages to era
    Created teratogenically
    Supernatural love, which only
    For country-Mom
    With all my core of heart Can be dedicated.
    Just remember Ma'go Today, You, just
    One Hero-Mom's, too.

    যুদ্ধ ক্ষেত্র থেকে কন্যার চিঠি, মা''কে
    মা'গো, তুমি শোনো তোমার কন্যা আজ
    আনন্দের গভীরে . যেথা কামনা কোনো
    পার্থিব কামনা বাসনা আছে শুধু যুগ যুগ ধরে
    জন্ম জন্ম ধরে সৃষ্টি হওয়া
    অপার্থিব প্রেম , যা কি'না শুধুমাত্র
    দেশমায়ের প্রতি হৃদয় দিয়ে উৎসর্গীকৃত হতে পারে .
    মা'গো মনে রেখো শুধু তুমিও আজ বীরমাতা .
    You have won
    The heart of the country
    Were not been
    +-afraid of death
    So the independence
    ----is intact
    So the fearless fight
    ---- is continuing
    So the patriots are
    ---- innumerable
    Fearless in restless hands.

    তোমরা করেছো জয়
    দেশমায়ের হৃদয়
    মৃত্যুরে করোনি ভয়
    তাই স্বাধীন সত্যা অক্ষুন্ন
    নির্ভীক লড়াই নিরবিচ্ছিন্ন
    তাই দেশপ্রেমিক অগণ্য
    অস্থ হাতে নির্ভয় .
    Where are you going ?
    To meet horizon !
    Impossible ......
    ..... As you. wouldn't able to find out
    ...te perfect word that could narrate
    any GRIEF exactly ....
    At the end of ocean and
    Origin of Earth
    Only I am present..
    If possible, Identify me !!
    Take it memory
    My name is LOVE .
    I am present in Unicellular O. to
    Green leaves.
    From sand of desert to
    Decomposed body, died in a WAR .. .. ..
    Our morning comes
    with the stigma of the
    darkness of the night.
    The owl, fox, venomous snake,
    the movement of the cheetah,
    becomes one with the human.
    I lost the sign of separation of them!.
    I'm alive today.
    ? By the grace of the "loosed-heaven-God ".
    ? How do I live tomorrow?

    আমাদের সকাল আসে
    রাতের গভীর অন্ধকারের স্মুতি নিয়ে .
    প্যাঁচা শিয়াল বিষধর সাপ ,
    চিতার চলাচল ,
    এক হয়েযায় মানুষের সাথে.
    হারিয়ে ফেলি স্বাতন্ত্রতার চিহ্ন .
    আজ বেঁচে আছি
    ? স্বর্গচ্যূত ঈশ্বরের করুনায়
    ? কাল কিভাবে বাঁচবো ?

    Read More
    Ardhendu Chatterjee
  • totally professional, came away feeling very relaxed, and my back ached less the next morning

    Read More
    Tracy Hayler
  • I have just had my third float with float in the forest and couldn’t be happier. Shari and Will have created a very welcoming and relaxing environment.
    Everything at float in the forest is clean and well organised. The rooms with the tank are plenty spacious. The rooms coloured can be tailored to you as well as the entrance music.
    The relaxation room afterwards is extremely peaceful with hot drinks on offer.
    I have been 3 times and will be going many more times!

    Read More
    Adam Thomas
  • This was my first time floating and it was an amazing experience, so relaxing. Any aches and pains just melted away. I would highly recommend this wonderful experience and if you've never tried it, then give it a go and see for yourself what a fantastic restful experience flotation is!

    Read More
    Kathryn Bennell
  • A wonderful welcoming atmosphere, everything explained clearly and it makes you feel very special. A lovely personal experience, that relaxes and felt like they had thought of everything.

    Read More
    Louise Penny
  • I highly recommended Float in the Forest..... I was a little dubious of floating at first and also worried about feelings of claustrophobia but Will and Shari made you feel very welcome and at ease in explaining how to get the most from your experience and yes you are totally in control of it . I have had 2 floats now .... just a great feeling of letting your whole body relax from the stresses and strains of everyday life and definitely very beneficial for physical and mental wellbeing . I have been converted with more booked ..... bring them on. Thank you 😊🐾x

    Read More
    Lisa Morris
  • very clean, tidy and friendly people, would highly recommend to even the most nervous "non-floater"

    Read More
    Philip Vandervelde
  • This is not something I have ever done before and was a touch sceptical. But wow, after a few hard days of manual labour (pulling up an old floor and skip runs) I was hurting. The float itself was relaxing and I felt great after. The service around the float was brilliant, Shari and Will explained everything and let me relax after the float.

    Needless to say I would recommend and will be doing this again 100%!!

    Read More
    Luke Malone
  • Had my 1st float today, will not be my last!
    Absolutely fabulous facility.
    Total calm from start to finish
    Thanks Shari and Will xx

    Read More
    Catherine Chamberlin
  • Who would guess that there is a little bit of heaven right here in the forest! Well, I found it a few weeks ago, courtesy of a Birthday gift from my husband (he really knows what I like).
    So, just had my second visit - yes, had to go back if only to see if it really was as good as I thought the first time.
    It was totally just as I thought, the most effective method of relaxation I have found. The peace and quiet, tranquillity and serenity, friendship and calmness, and all in beautiful, clean, warm and welcoming surroundings.
    That feeling of leaving all stress, anxiety and depression outside, of being completely at one with the yourself and the world - priceless!
    Thank you Will and Shari, see you again soon. x

    Read More
    Suzanne Milden
  • Absolutely fabulous facility. Total calm from start to finish 🙂 Thanks Shari and Will

    Read More
    Saranne Postans
  • I've now had 2 floats and have become a member so I can have my treat once a month. its a great help for my back pain and just to be able to have that hour to myself with complete relaxation is helping with my depression and well being. Highly recommend and appreciate Shari and Will for their welcome, so friendly and put you at ease. can't wait for my next float. Best thing I have done for my wellbeing. xx

    Read More
    Racheal Evans
  • I booked for a float with a visiting friend. I had wanted to treat her to an experience to say Thanks for all of her support and being my champion, over the years. Float in the Forest was the first thing I thought of and we were not disappointed. Excellent service, a clean, friendly and welcoming environment and an awesome and peaceful floating experience. It was amazing. I would highly recommend


    Read More
    The Boundaried Horse
  • We had such a fab time today, really professional, welcoming and relaxing. Super clean environment and very clear instructions. Highly recommend

    Read More
    Charlotte Jenkins
  • Really lovely people and a great floating experience. So many little touches made it extra special and I love the well chosen, original art from local artists which added to my enjoyment of the resting area and corridors. I had a great night's sleep and my body felt like it had had a very thorough massage in every muscle - when I was actually gently resting on the water the whole time.

    Read More
    Anna Poulton
  • Everything from the lovely Will & Shari to the experience itself. I will definately be going again. Perfect

    Read More
    Izzy Bowen
  • Fabulous experience! The float was very relaxing and the facilities are excellent. It is extremely well organised. I also had a light therapy session and this truly blew my mind! I'm addicted and cannot wait to have another one. Will, Shari and Keira were very kind hosts and their calm energy contributed to a very relaxing experience. Highly recommended.

    Read More
    Andie Spragg
  • What a peaceful experience to float silently for an hour. A well run friendly place to go switch off for a while.
    Thank you.

    Read More
    Marion Neumaier
  • First float today, feel fabulous, pain relief and relaxation good for fibromyalgia and arthritis. Much more flexible afterwards and felt very relaxed. Super clean premises and float pods, lovely people who are there if you need them but generally you can just get on with your float. Looking forward to the next float with you 😊.

    Read More
    Tracey White
  • My first visit, a Mother’s Day present for my daughters, and I was a little apprehensive. I was greeted by Shari on reception who is the co owner.she definitely put me at my ease, showed where everything was and explained how it all worked.
    It took me about 10-15 mins to feel comfortable in the pod but then I was so relaxed I fell asleep!
    Give it a try, you might be surprised.

    Read More
    Linda Weatherley
  • This is what relaxing and wellness is all about. I had not had a float for 2-3 months due to lockdown, but managed one this week.

    Within 5-10 mins I was fast asleep, totally relaxed.

    I can't recommend enough. Will and Shari go out of their way to make you feel safe, and ensure you can get the most from your float.

    Read More
    Alan Heycock
  • The pods are high tech and the floatation itself was incredibly relaxing. Afterwards it was great to have a chill out space to relax in before I ventured back into the world of sensation. I would highly recommend Float in the Forest 5 stars.

    Read More
    Andy Squiff
  • Beautiful surroundings, the centre was calm and peaceful. Lovely chat with the owners before commencing my 2nd float.
    The float itself was incredible and left me feeling calm and mentally clear ready to face the world after a few stressful months.
    Definitely recommend to anyone suffering physically or mentally.

    Read More
    Cara Sims
  • Great experience would definitely go again.

    Read More
    Donna Louise Johnson Beare
  • what a wonderful experience at Float in the forest. Thank you so much Will and Shari for such a professional, friendly and well organised experience from start to finish.
    They have created a fabulous space which is relaxing and welcoming.
    My only complaint is that it didnt last long enough!

    Read More
    Holly Elizabeth
  • Highly recommend, I've been to others and float in the forest is head and shoulders above the rest!
    Do it, you won't regret it! Wish I could float more often 😌

    Read More
    Donna Bullingham

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Maybe you’d like to get more experience working in the hospitality or wellbeing industries… maybe you’re already a therapist or wellbeing practitioner and would like a part-time role to fit around your other work… maybe you just love floating and would like to get more involved… or some combination of these!

If this opportunity to be of service appeals to you, please check out this page where you can find the job description, person specification, and online application form.  Please note the deadline for applications is Thursday 27th June 2024.


We're recruiting!

Why float?

Deep Relaxation

Escape hectic daily life and let your tensions dissolve into weightless relaxation.  This is time which is yours alone, free of the demands of others.  Above all, the calm comfort of floatation soothes away stress and anxiety.  At last a space to truly rest the body and still the chatter of the mind.

Improved Health

Floatation reduces blood pressure and improves circulation. Levels of the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol are reduced. You are bathed in salts of the essential mineral Magnesium.  Furthermore, your muscles, joints and bones are released from the effects of gravity.

Pain Relief

Sufferers of chronic pain from many conditions including Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and back pain have gained relief by using floatation for pain management.  Muscle tension and joint pain are reduced through being unburdened by the buoyant water.

Sleep Better

The deep rest of floating dissolves fatigue, leaving you feeling truly refreshed.  Not only can a single float feel as restorative as a full night’s sleep, but certainly floating also improves sleep patterns, offering relief from insomnia and the ability to ‘reset’ jet lag.

Enhanced Performance

Sports recovery is boosted by floatation as a result of lactic acid broken down faster, allowing you to train smarter and get back to doing what you love sooner.  Likewise rehabilitation times from injury are reduced, and what’s more, proper recuperation keeps you at the top of your game.  Enhance your performance and visualise your success.


Floating can give profound relief from the physical strains of pregnancy due to the buoyancy of the water. An opportunity to practise breathing techniques and relax. Not only is this a real rest for you and your baby, but also a chance to build a profound connection together in a peaceful and supportive environment.


Floating is a doorway to deeper meditation. The reduced sensory input and weightlessness removes distractions, empowering you to quiet your mind with ease.  As a result you can switch off your mind and be present, and make it easier to do so in your every day life.

Freedom from habits

The float environment puts the power to reprogram unwanted behaviours in your hands.  Consequently, this is an opportunity to abandon your addictions.  Through regular floating you can insert a pause between the stimulus and the habitual response, giving you an opportunity to act from somewhere authentic.

Mental Clarity

Discover a space of peaceful reflection, while free of all distractions.  This environment fosters true focus: for improved decision-making, effective problem-solving, deeper insight, and freedom of mind. Certainly here is the clarity you need to make real progress.

Creativity Unleashed

Break creative block.  Open a channel to the wellspring of your innate creativity.  Calm the inner chatter and find peace of mind.  Open yourself to inspiration, and maybe meet your muse in the garden of your mind.

Consciousness Exploration

You are the frontier of unlimited possibility, free to experiment without constraint.  Travel through time.  Explore the multiverse.  Hang out with transdimensional entities.  This is your space.  What’s more, this is your adventure.  Have fun and enjoy!


Enjoy the sensations. Revel in the time alone.  Wallow in that post-float feeling.  Combine your float with other activities and treatments.  Bring a friend along.  Above all, floating doesn’t have to be serious, and you don’t need an excuse to enjoy yourself.

Self Work

Floatation could be called a spiritual technology. The floatation pod removes a lot of work from us, and frees us up for the real work. Though deliberate work in the pod we can establish an experiential connection with our selves in the broadest sense, and uncover a way to be of service to our greater self.

Trip the light fantastic!

Lie back, close your eyes and your face is bathed in a warm glow. Gentle pulses of light with synchronised soundscapes lead your awareness on an immersive journey into beautiful imagery and blissful moods.

Unique combinations of frequencies stimulate specific brain wave patterns often associated with joy, intuition, and creativity. Behind closed eyelids the light conjures beautiful visions in your mind’s eye, accompanied by feelings of wonder, clarity and peace.  It’s fun, and you feel great afterwards too.  Pair it with a float to go even deeper!

Discover the Roxiva RX1 light machine, and find yourself delightfully transported. Find out more on this page about transcendent light sessions.

Man in deep relaxation enjoying the Roxiva RX1 light machine

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Floating whilst pregnant

Floating whilst pregnant

The very beginning It was my sixth time floating in the beautiful quiet darkness here at Float in the Forest. I ventured into my usual room Serenity eagerly, as I already knew what awaited me and I was very much looking forward to allowing all of my stresses, worries...

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A dream-like portal

A dream-like portal

Extraordinary and indescribable Just imagine being transported through a dream-like portal; full of interchanging imagery and colours that are indescribable because they do not exist here on planet earth. An alternate reality that is so expansive and vast, it can...

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Take a break from parenting

Take a break from parenting

Take a break from parenting Everyone who is a parent will understand just how brutally relentless it can be. We could even refer to parenting as: the constant doing for another outside of ourselves for 18 years, and then some! Now, that's not to say that parenting...

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