Find creative inspiration with floating

Floating can open a channel to the wellspring of your innate creativity

Find creative inspiration with floating

The flow of creativity

At your centre there is a wellspring of authentic creativity.  Some call it inspiration, others their muse.

When you are in the flow of creativity it can feel like it is not you doing the creating at all, but more like something is being expressed through you.

If you’ve ever lost yourself in the creative process you will know the feeling. You are ‘in the zone’: it can feel almost effortless, and very enjoyable.

Creative block

The opposite experience can be uncomfortable.

You know something is there, something that needs to come out, but it’s chained up somehow. Or perhaps when you begin to work it feels like nothing is there, like the well has run dry.

This can bring feelings of frustration, sadness, or pain.  Sometimes this leads into a cycle of frustration.   It can feel like the more you try, the harder it becomes.  This is the infamous ‘creative block’.

You don’t have to be an artist to feel it

We’re not just talking about writers and artists here.

You could be striving for a new idea to drive your business forward.  Perhaps you are looking for inspiration for how to rearrange the furniture.  Searching for the solution to that thorny problem which has been going around in your head.  Or maybe cooking a new meal for some friends.

Everyone has some aspect of their life which creativity enriches.

Liberation of the imagination

Creative inspiration is within you

The source of creativity is always there within you.  It doesn’t go anywhere.  We don’t even need to do anything to get to it.

It’s more a case of not doing, of letting go and allowing it to come forth.  Relieving stress.  Letting go of the layers of thoughts.  Welcoming the silence, so that you can hear that small quiet voice.


Remember that time when inspiration came to you in a flash when you were in the shower?

That’s what we are talking about.

Free your creativity

There’s so much noise going on that the voice of creativity can get drowned out.

The internal ‘noise’ of chattering thought, and the external ‘noise’ of the world where a hundred and one things jostle for your attention.

The good news is the more you notice and express your creativity, the clearer it can be heard.

Floating can help

Floatation can reduce stress, bring deep relaxation, and give your imagination free rein.  Floating offers you silence, so you can hear that little voice.  It can break creative block, and open a channel to the creative source within you.

Even Michael Crichton, the late author of Jurassic Park, experienced writer’s block.  He famously used floatation to overcome it and find creative inspiration.  A short time later, he finished and published his science fiction novel “Congo”.  Of course, Crichton went on to achieve a highly prolific and successful career.

Backed up by research

There has been some fascinating research into the powerful effects of floating upon creativity.

Float subjects showed significant increases in creativity and meaningful increases on other thinking measures, as compared to non-floating control subjects.

When you emerge from your float your mind feels clearer and calmer.  You are consequently empowered to express yourself more effectively in whatever medium you choose.

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