What is Floatation?

You float in warm water saturated with Epsom salts, with the distractions of sound and light minimised.


Your body floats like a cork, a bit like in the Dead Sea.  You are so buoyant that you can totally relax all your muscles, and let go of tensions.  You will float naturally and effortlessly, and the support of the water around your body gives a sense of weightlessness.  All the work the mind and body usually has to do just to resist gravity becomes unnecessary, and you are able to let go and relax into a blissful state.

The float environment is the ultimate in comfort.  Imagine relaxing in a giant bathtub that you can sleep in with peace of mind.  The temperature of the water in which you float is carefully controlled, and kept close to skin temperature, as is the air.  After a while you will no longer notice where the water stops and the air begins.

In this way tactile sensations are greatly reduced, and the Epsom salt makes the body bouyant, removing the effects of gravity.  There is no right way to float.  You are in complete conrol of the situation.  Some people prefer to float with the light on and the door open, others prefer to remove all the distractions of light and sound.

The term sensory deprivation has been used to describe the floatation experience, but we feel this can be misleading.  Sensory enhancement seems more appropriate.  While floating in the quiet darkness your senses can become heightened, and awareness of your body increased, allowing you to relax even more deeply.  After you emerge from your floatation experience you may find your senses reawakened, colours more vivid and details enhanced.  The feelings after a float are as much a part of the experience as the floatation itself.  If you haven’t floated before, the feeling after a massage may point you in the right direction.

Floatation has been around for many years. Discover more about the history of floating, and its birth from scientific research in the 1950s. Research into the beneficial effects of floatation continued over the decades, and there are some exciting studies under way today at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR). There are a whole host of beneficial effects of floatation: discover why you should float.

“A place you can truly rest, a time which is yours alone.”

There are many excellent but different types of float pods, tanks and cabins out there.  We have chosen some pretty special float pods at Float in the Forest, and we’d love to show you why.

The blissful mood which many feel post-float can carry onwards and outwards into your life, and at Float in the Forest we will take great care in facilitating this with a comfortable lounge to relax in afterwards, and the unique benefit of emerging into the beautiful natural environment of the Forest of Dean.

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If you have some time and are keen to find out more right now, check out this wonderful film “Float Nation” for some insights into floatation and the wide range of benefits it can give you.

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