What do I get and how much does it cost?


Float in the Forest offers you a delightful float experience, which includes everything you need.

From the moment you step through the door you will be taken care of. Your own private room with a beautiful, state-of-the-art float pod. A luxurious private shower complete with natural toiletries and big fluffy towels. The silky warm water in the float pod supports your muscles and calms your mind. Emerge slowly, take your time, and relax in the post-float lounge while you enjoy your choice of organic tea. 

Join the millions of blissful floaters around the world.

Buy Floats For Yourself

This section is for buying floats for yourself.  If you would like to buy floats as a gift for someone else, check out our gift cards

Bring a Friend

Floating can be a real pleasure, and it’s a lot of fun to share that with a friend or partner.  Bring a friend and each float in your own separate private room and state-of-the-art float pod.  Then emerge from your floats simultaneously and meet in the lounge to bask together in the post-float bliss.   Chill out on the comfy chairs in the lounge and have a cuppa together.

If you have floated before you will know how great that feels – and what a delight to be able to share that feeling with your friend!  If you have not floated before it can be a great adventure to explore floating for the first time together.

Bring a friend to float

Long float

We know how it feels when you just can’t get enough of floating!  Sometimes your float flies by and seems over all too soon.

That’s why we also offer the chance to go deeper into relaxation and explore further, with a long float of up to three hours!


The best value floats and no contract

Membership is the best value way to make the practice of regular floating part of your life.  You will become eligible for membership after you have floated with us at least once.  Membership floats are not shareable: they are just for you personally.

You are in full control of your membership.  There is no contract, and no setup fee. You can choose to cancel at any time, though we do ask that you stick with it for at least four months.


Other perks

Not only do you get our best deal on floats, but you can also get tips, guidance and support for going deeper with your float practice.

No need to worry if you are away or can't make it in to float for a while.  Any unused floats will roll over for up to 12 months, so you can use them later.

You can swap 2 member credits for a long float (up to 3 hours).

We will even give you a pair of delux reusable earplugs in a handy little case!

Good for your mind and body

But most importantly, you will be taking positive action to take care of yourself and your own wellbeing.

You will be making a commitment to yourself to regularly find a place where you can truly rest, a time which is yours alone.

You will be doing something very special, and something which will benefit you in more ways than you may expect.

Don't just take our word for it.  Check out these short videos of Gemma and Tom talking about the cumulative benefits they experienced from floating regularly at Float in the Forest:

We are committed to simple, clear and fair pricing.

We want to share the cumulative benefits of floating with as many people as we can.  To offer everyone an affordable way to make floating a regular practice.  The more you float, the more you save.

Choose from a single float, float on with a pack of three, or become a member to get the best deal plus access to exclusive member-only perks.

Gift cards

What better gift than the experience of deep relaxation and relief from the stresses of everyday life? Whether they are new to floating, or you already know they love it, floating makes a wonderful present. Regardless of the occasion, whether it is for their birthday or as a special thank you, they will appreciate your gift.

Choose from digital gift certificates delivered by email, or physical gift cards sent to you by post.

A present wrapped in purple paper with a pink bow.

Digital gift certificates by email

Digital gift certificate sent by email

Physical gift card NOT provided

Evironmentally friendly

Best value choice!

Physical gift cards by post

Physical gift card provided

Posted out to you

Sent first class Royal Mail

Printing and postage just £3

Digital gift certificate by email

This is a digital gift certificate, which is sent to you by email only.  A physical gift card is NOT included.

A digital gift certificate is ideal for those last minute gifts because it comes straight through to you by email. You can print it out at home or simply forward on the email to the recipient.  It's environmentally friendly, and it's also the most cost effective way to gift floats!

three float digital gift card

Physical gift card posted to you

Perfect for when you want to be able to give them something to hold in their hand.  We will send a physical gift card to you, along with a leaflet explaining floatation in case it's new to them.

We will send your physical gift card by first class Royal Mail. Just be sure to write your address in the notes field when you order.

Roxiva RX1 light sessions

We are pleased to be able to offer sessions with the Roxiva RX1 light machine for your transcendent delight. These are immersive journeys into beautiful imagery and blissful moods.

A unique combination of pulsing light is used to produce amazing states of consciousness. The light stimulates specific brain wave patterns often associated with joy, intuition, creativity and meditation.

Lie back and close your eyes as your face is bathed in the warm glow of the light, and the gentle pulses lead your awareness through landscapes of fractal geometry. The frequencies of the pulses entrain your brainwaves and allow the slower alpha and theta waves to dominate, usually found during deep meditation and the hypnagogic reverie between sleeping and waking.


You are in control: just open your eyes to find yourself back in the room, calm and relaxed. Behind closed eyelids the light conjures beautiful visions in your mind’s eye, and stimulates feelings of wonder, clarity and peace.  Not only is it fun, but it makes you feel good afterwards too! 

Embark on a visionary journey with the Roxiva RX1 light machine, and find yourself delightfully transported.

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