Preparing for your float

What you can expect, and what is expected of you

Preparing for your float

The unknown can make us nervous

It’s possible you’ve never tried floating before, in which case you may be unsure what to expect, and what is expected of you.

It’s perfectly natural to experience fear of the unknown – everyone does – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

We will guide you through it

The information below should help clear some things up.  If you still have any concerns or questions, you could also check out our FAQ page. Feel free to give us a call or email, and we’d be happy to help.

Even if you have tried floating at a different float centre, you may find some slight differences, so we still suggest you review the information below before you come.

Let’s start with what not to do…

What not to do before your float

There are some basic rules we ask you to respect:

  • Please don’t come to float under influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Also, please don’t come to float if you have any open wounds. This is partly for hygienic reasons, but also because the salt in the float pod will make the wound uncomfortable.
  • Again, please don’t come with new tattoos or piercings which haven’t healed yet e.g. within 3-4 weeks. As a test, if you apply hand sanitiser to the area and it stings, you’ll want to wait a little longer before you float.
  • And lastly, please don’t come to float with recently dyed hair. As a guide, we recommend waiting at least 10 days, or up to 30 days for dyed shades of red. Please make sure when you shower at home that the water running through your hair is fully clear, and none comes off on the towel. Sometimes this can take a few washes. If there is any colour coming out, please leave it another wash or 2 before floating.  Please be aware that there is no way around this, and wearing a swimming cap will not help.

For your comfort and enjoyment, we also recommend that you do not come to float after:

  • Caffeine (within the last 4 hours)
  • A large meal within the last hour or so
  • Waxing (eg within last the 24 – 48 hours)
  • Shaving (eg within last the 12 – 24 hours)
  • Recent vigorous sex
  • Soon after giving birth (before you have healed)

… as these are likely to detract (and distract) from your experience.

Important – people with some medical conditions should not float.

Please see our FAQ page for the full list of who shouldn’t float.  Please also see our page about accessibility and mobility.

What will be provided:

You don’t need to bring anything but yourself and an open mind!

We provide towels, toiletries, earplugs, a vaseline-type product (for covering minor cuts and grazes), and hairdryers.

You don’t need to bring a swimming costume, as it is fine to float naked, in fact we recommend it.

You may wish to bring your own cosmetics or toiletries, and if you wear contact lenses, you may wish to bring your kit to take them out.

If you will be floating while on your period, please use a tampon or menstrual cup to control your flow, as you would in a swimming pool. If you use a tampon please ensure it is fully inserted before your float.

From our toilet roll to our shower gel, we’re proud of the products we’ve chosen.  You can read about some of our suppliers here.

When you come to float

When you book you will be sent appointment details by email, but in the mean time if you’d like to get your bearings you can check out our location here.

Please aim to arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment time. The float itself is approximately 1 hour in duration, but we recommend you allow at least 2 hours for your first float.  This is to allow time to be shown around beforehand, and time to relax afterwards.

What happens

When you arrive we will show you around the centre and talk you through what you need to know.  You’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask any questions you might have.

We will show you to your own private room, with your own personal shower and float pod.

You will shower before your float, including washing your hair. This is to remove any dirt and oils from your skin and hair.

You float and emerge transformed, having another shower afterwards to wash off the salt water.

Then you can enjoy your post-float glow in the lounge where there are organic teas, books, artwork and comfy chairs.

Take your time and relax!

Expect nothing

Our best advice is “have no expectations”, though we do realise that can be easier said than done!

Everyone’s experience of floating can be different, and it can take a little time to get used to it and really feel the benefits.

You can see our full Terms & Conditions here, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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