“How long does a float last?”

The length of a float can vary between different float centres.  But the most common in the UK is one hour, and that’s how long a standard float is at Float in the Forest.  You may not be used to dedicating this time to relax.

We ask you to allow around two hours for the whole visit.  You will need some time beforehand to be shown around and for things to be explained, particularly on your first visit.  Time for showers and getting dressed.  And lastly afterwards some time to relax before heading off.

Take your time

We’d advise not rushing off to another appointment straight afterwards as you may take a little while to come ‘back to earth’. Take some time afterwards and chill out in the post-float lounge to make the most of feeling relaxed.

Then why not go for an amble to explore the beautiful natural landscape of the Forest of Dean with your senses enhanced!

Does an hour sound long?

You may think that an hour sounds like a long time. Sometimes when I tell people it is an hour, I can see a look on their faces which seems to say “I couldn’t do nothing for so long!”.

Before you come to float for the first time, you may find yourself wondering what you are going to do for the whole hour. Of course there is no obligation to stay in the float for the full time, you are in control of the experience. But we challenge you to give it a go, and see what happens. You might be surprised!

It’s rare to get time out

We spend so much of our day-to-day lives busy and running from one thing to the next.

Constant input from our phones, advertising, and demands from work or people around us.

Slow things down a little

The idea of stopping and doing nothing for a while can seem like an impossibility. It involves stepping things down a pace. Accepting that you don’t need to be doing anything, and nothing is expected of you for a little while. This is a place you can truly rest, a time which is yours alone. That can be amazingly liberating.

You can use your time in the float pod in a variety of ways, or none

– the choice is yours!

This time is valuable

You could use your float to really focus on a particular topic, for enhanced mental clarity or learning.

Or use this as an opportunity for stretching out your muscles.  After all, why not take advantage of the healing benefits of this unique weightless environment.

You could use it to practise breathing techniques and as an aid to meditation, in the complete absence of distractions.

This is even an opportunity for consciousness exploration, if that floats your boat!

If nothing else, a float can be a great aid to sleep.  You might even find you have a little snooze while you’re floating, and in fact floating has great benefits for sleep.

We usually find that (a bit like with a massage), once you relax and your mind drifts off, time flies…

How will I know when it’s finished?

You may be wondering how you’ll know when the float is over.  As the float is coming to an end, the music comes gently back on.  You don’t need to rush, you’ve got a few minutes to enjoy the music and gradually bring yourself around.  All this will be explained when you come to float.

You may want more

Now it’s entirely possible that you’re reading this thinking “an hour isn’t long enough!”

In that case, we have 3 hour float sessions available, so you can go deeper into relaxation and explore further.

Enjoy a 3 hour float

And now… remember to breathe… and allow yourself time to relax on a regular basis – it really is good for you!

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