Extraordinary and indescribable

Just imagine being transported through a dream-like portal; full of interchanging imagery and colours that are indescribable because they do not exist here on planet earth.

An alternate reality that is so expansive and vast, it can create an entirely new perspective of your human self. With a possibility of enabling more positive and new ways of thinking, as well as potentially challenging some limiting beliefs you had, but were unaware of them existing beforehand.

Immerse your self in light and music

Extraordinary kaleidoscopic patterns are enhanced and in alignment with the music that is played via headphones.

I believe the simultaneous effects from both the light and the music combined, form a fully immersive experience that one could deem to be wholly real and true.


Initially, you may notice yourself trying to make sense of what you are seeing, but it is almost impossible to identify with everything. Therefore, I can highly recommend simply allowing yourself to succumb to the sumptuous wonder and captivation unfolding in front of you.

With each piece of music, comes an entirely new adventurous journey; all of which you are creating and experiencing from within yourself. Despite each voyage being completely different, the key similarity between each session is the beautiful surge of inner peace and calmness that washes over you. It truly is so divine and moreishly delicious that you are without a doubt, left wanting more time with the light.

Safe and comfortable

Before venturing into my first light session, I was intrigued yet unsure of what to expect. I assumed the position on the chaise longue, snuggled myself underneath the blanket and followed the clear instructions from Will.  Initially, once the first session had started, I remember feeling quite overwhelmed and taken aback by what I was experiencing. It was like nothing I had ever witnessed before and it took me a few moments to adjust and fully relax into. Will was sure to check in and determine that I was happy to continue, which of course I was.

Will under the light

A new viewpoint

I can specifically remember hearing water dripping, then it seemed as though the sound changed to someone walking through the water. While acknowledging the audio, the visual representation invoked various blue and turquoise colours coupled with transposable patterns. All of a sudden, I remember there being a break in the music, which created a light blue pane of glass directly in front of me, then as the music resumed, the whole pane of glass shattered before my very eyes and I watched each shard fall to the ground in slow motion.

When I say “I watched”, I do not mean to watch from our usual viewpoint of how we perceive and interact with the world around us. I mean; I was the pane of glass as much as I was the observer of the pane of glass, the two were not separate but intertwined. There was a great sense of totality and an all encompassing familiarity throughout the entire light session, I felt safe, I felt free, I felt like I was home.

The light is able to alter our brainwave activity to a point of total relaxation. Sometimes it is possible to become so relaxed, you find yourself in the transitional stage of waking consciousness and sleep. How wonderful it is that a flickering light can produce such a breathtaking, other worldly exploration, whilst also transporting us to a complete state of Zen.

Roxiva RXI light up close

If you are someone who is a seeker of any kind, I encourage you to come and revel in the delights the light brings forth. Allow yourself the freedom to venture beyond the perspectives that have been and always will be; allow yourself the freedom to be curious.

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