Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

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If you haven’t floated before, you’ve probably got a bunch of questions about the whole thing, and perhaps some concerns.

This is very common and totally understandable.

Here are answers to some frequent queries…

What is floatation?

It’s pretty simple really.  You float in warm water saturated with Epsom salt, with the distractions of sound and light minimised.  Your body floats like a cork, a bit like in the Dead Sea.  You are so buoyant that you can totally relax all your muscles, and let go of tensions.  You float naturally and effortlessly, and the support of the water makes you feel weightless.  All the work that the mind and body usually have to do just to resist gravity becomes unnecessary, and you are able to let go and relax into a blissful state.  Find out more here.

Why float?

Floatation brings a wide range of benefits for different people. Some examples are pain relief, stress relief, sports rehabilitation, or as an aid to meditation.  You can find out lots more here.

Will I feel claustrophobic?

Lots of people express this concern before they first float, but end up feeling safe and comfortable.  You are in full control of your environment when you float.  You are free to get in and out whenever you wish.  Some people prefer to keep the door open and the light on, which is fine.  Others prefer to minimise distractions.  There is no right way of doing it.  Floating in silent darkness gives the sense of being suspended in limitless space.  Our advice would be to give it a try – we think you will be very pleasantly surprised.  In fact, you probably won’t want to get out at the end!

Have a read of our blog for more about claustrophobia.

How do you make sure it's clean?

The float environment is considerably more hygienic than a swimming pool.  You shower before and after the float.  The water is circulated through a very fine filter several times between each use.  In addition, the water is treated between each use by a combination of high intensity ultra-violet light and a measured quantity of safe odourless sanitiser. The water is tested regularly, so you can rest assured that we uphold the highest standards of cleanliness.

Follow this link for more about how we keep the water clean.

Can I fall asleep during a float?

The experience of floating is so relaxing that it’s not unusual to fall asleep, and that’s fine. The gentle support of the water is more comfortable than any bed. If you do drift off, you probably needed it!  It’s perfectly safe, and the water is so buoyant that it is very difficult to turn over. If you did manage to roll over, the worst that could happen is waking up to a bit of salt in the eyes.  Follow this link for more about falling asleep while floating.  Floating can also be very helpful for improving your sleep patterns.

What do I wear while I'm floating?

We recommend that you float naked, but of course it’s up to you.  You will be in your own private room, with a shower and a lock on the door.  Pretty much everyone floats naked, and finds it more comfortable that way.  The sensation of fabric against your skin can be distracting during your float, and being naked means you can feel truly free.  Would you wear a swimming costume in the bath?

Is it private?

Floating is a very private experience. You float in your own fully private room, with your own private shower for your exclusive use, and a lock on the door.  This is a place you can truly rest, and a time which is yours alone.

Follow this link for more about privacy and floatation.

How long does a float last?

The float itself is one hour long. However we recommend that you allow two hours for the whole visit.  This is because you will need some time beforehand to be shown around (particularly on your first visit), time for showers and getting dressed, and some time afterwards to relax before heading off.

If you think an hour sounds like a long time, have a read of our blog on time floating (it won’t take long to read!)

How much does a float cost?

We are committed to simple, clear and fair pricing.

Choose from a single float, float on with a pack of three, or make regular floating part of your life with a monthly membership and get the best deal, plus access to exclusive member-only perks.

We want to share the cumulative benefits of floating with as many people as we can, so these options are priced so that the more often you float, the more you save.  Read full details of the options and prices.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, please do!  Each float pod is designed for just one person to float in at a time.  But we have two float pods, so two people can float at the same time.  It can be a lot of fun to go floating with a friend or partner.  That way you will each emerge from your private rooms at the same time, and can share the blissful post-float glow together.

You can book two simultaneous sessions here.


I can't swim - what if I sink?

No need to worry.  It is physically impossible to sink in the float environment. The density of the human body is about the same as water.  The Epsom salt solution is 30% more dense than water – that’s even more dense than the Dead Sea.  This means that you will float effortlessly on the surface of the solution, buoyed naturally by the difference in density.  The water is only 10 inches deep, and you will float like a cork with your face above the water.

Follow this link for more about why you don’t need to be able to swim.

Can I float if I am menstruating?

Yes, if you use a tampon or menstrual cup to control your menstruation, as you would in a swimming pool.

Can I float during pregnancy?

Like many things, floating is not advised during the first trimester.  It is also not recommended too soon after giving birth, until you have healed.  Other than those times, floating can give profound relief from the physical strains of pregnancy. The uniform and gentle support of the water offer a comfort which cannot be found elsewhere.  If you are finding lying in bed uncomfortable, the feeling of weightlessness that floating offers will be a revelation.  Floating offers a real rest for you and your baby.

Find out more on our pregnancy page, and you may also be interested in this first-hand report.

Who shouldn't float?

Those who:

  • have open wounds, sores, or rashes
  • have contagious diseases
  • are incontinent
  • have uncontrolled kidney disease
  • have uncontrolled psychosis or schizophrenia
  • are allergic to Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate)
  • have an uncontrolled seizure disorder
  • have an uncontrolled heart condition
  • recently had chemotherapy
  • are a risk to themselves or others due to the influence of any drug including alcohol
    … and those who do not respect the staff, facilities and fellow floaters at Float in the Forest

If in any doubt about whether you can float with your health condition, please consult your doctor first, and we’d be happy to provide a document to explain to them what floating is all about.

You can find our Terms & Conditions here.

I'm tall, will I fit in the pod?

No need to worry, the inside of the pod is 7.5 feet or 2.3m long, so unless you’re taller than that, you will fit no problem.

Find out more about our float pods here.

Can I float if I just dyed my hair?

Floating with dyed hair is okay, but not straight after dying it!  As a general rule, we recommend waiting at least 10 days, or 30 days for dyed shades of red.  Please make sure that the water running through your hair when you shower at home is fully clear.  Sometimes this can take a few washes.  If there is any colour coming out, please leave it another wash or two before floating.

There is some general information about things you should and shouldn’t do before your float here.

We do have to get quite serious about this because it can damage the pod and water, which is costly. You can find our Terms & Conditions here.

I have limited mobility. Can I float?

Float in the Forest is on the ground floor, predominantly on a level, with some 1:12 ramps. You must be capable of independently moving around the float centre safely. Getting in and out of the float pod is similar to getting in and out of a bath, so you must be able to do this unaided, or be accompanied by someone who is qualified and insured to help you with this. Please see our mobility and accessibility page for more information.

Can I float if I've recently got a new piercing or tattoo?

If your tattoo or piercing is not fully healed, it is going to sting when it comes into contact with the salty water. We advise that you wait 3 – 4 weeks after getting your tattoo or piercing, before floating. As a test, try applying hand sanitizer to the area. If it stings, you’ll want to wait a little longer before you get in the float pod.

There is some general information about things you should and shouldn’t do before your float here.

What if I suffer with motion sickness?

If you suffer from severe motion sickness in other circumstances (eg in a boat, car etc), there is a chance you could suffer from it in the pod. If you usually use medication to control your motion sickness in these circumstances, you may wish to consider doing so in the case of floating.

Can under 18s float?

Currently only over 18s can float. We may require you to produce photo ID as proof of age.

We apologise for any disappointment caused, but we hope to enable under 18s to float later on, once we have had a chance to create a safeguarding policy and parental consent procedure. If you are under 18, or know someone who is and wanted to float, please let us know so that we can gauge interest in this.

Do I have to stay in the whole time?

You will be in full control of your float, and have your own private room.  Certainly you can get out any time, and back in again if you like, as many times as you like during your session.  However, most people find that time flies when they are floating.

Will my skin go all pruney and wrinkly?

No, your skin will feel great after your float.  The water is so saturated with Epsom salt that the osmosis which can cause skin to ‘prune’ in the bath does not occur.  Epsom salt is Magnesium Sulphate, and is very different to the Sodium Chloride in sea water.

Can't I just float in my bath at home?

Maybe, if you’ve got 550kg of Epsom salt, a heated bath, a very strong bathroom floor, and more…!  Sometimes we hear people ask this question, so we have written this blog to satisfy your curiosity.

What should / shouldn't I do before my float?

There are some basic rules we ask you to respect:

  • Please don’t come to float under influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Please don’t come to float if you have any open wounds, partly for hygienic reasons, but also because the salt in the float pod will make the wound uncomfortable.
  • See other FAQs about hair dye, floating while on your period, and after recent tattoos or piercings.

For your comfort, we also recommend that you do not come to float after:

  • Caffeine (within the last 4 hours)
  • A large meal within the last hour or so
  • Waxing (eg within the last 24 to 48 hours)
  • Shaving (eg within the last 12 to 24 hours)
  • Recent vigorous sex
  • Soon after giving birth (before you have healed)

… as these are likely to detract (and distract) from your experience.  Find out more about preparing for your float here.

What should I bring?

You don’t need to bring anything but yourself and an open mind! We provide towels, toiletries, earplugs, a vaseline-type product (for covering minor cuts and grazes), and hairdryers.  You may wish to bring your own cosmetics or toiletries if you prefer, and if you wear contact lenses, please bring your kit to take them out. You can find out more about some of our suppliers and why we chose them here. Find out more about preparing for your float here.

What can I expect when I come to float?

We will show you around the centre and explain all the detail you need to know when you arrive.  You’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

You will be shown to your own private room with your own personal shower and float pod. You will shower before your float, including washing your hair.  Float and emerge transformed, having another shower afterwards to wash off the salt water.

Then you can enjoy your relaxation in the post-float lounge where there will be teas, books, artwork and comfy chairs. Take your time and relax!  Find out more about preparing for your float and after your float here.

What are Float in the Forest's terms & conditions?

You can read Float in the Forest’s terms & conditions here.

How do I book?

You can book your float here.

We can’t wait to host your float!

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