Floatation tanks

What are they like?

What is a float tank like?

What is a float tank like?

First of all, let’s clear up some confusion.  Some people call it a float tank or floatation tank, or maybe a float cabin. Others call them sensory deprivation tanks. We often call them float pods, but it all amounts to the same general principle.  Sometimes we call it a ‘float environment’ to keep it general.

We have floated in a lot of different types of float environment and there are many excellent float pods, tanks and cabins out there. Of course the most important factor is the quality of the float they deliver.

We have chosen to have ‘I-sopod’ float tanks at Float in the Forest, and we’d love to show you why.

Awesome design

We think design is important, for practical and aesthetic reasons.

As you can see, the I-sopod float tanks are sleek and curvy. We think they have an intriguing, almost futuristic aspect. Some people have even said to us that they look friendly with their smiling faces!

These tanks help put you in control of your float with lights which you can operate while floating.  You can even choose your colour of light.

High quality transducers allow you to have audio in the float.  This means that music, guided meditations or accelerated learning are possible.


The float tank has an internal floating area of over 2.3m / 7.5ft long and 1.45m / 4.75ft wide.

They are pretty tall too, giving an overall spacious feel.

Excellent features

The door to the tank has gas lifts like a car boot door.  This makes it light and easy to open and close, and you can also leave it part open if you prefer.

I-sopods have an excellent integral sanitation system; you can read more about this in our blog about how we keep the water clean.

A personal connection

I-sopod float tanks are designed and built in the UK, which is great as we love to support local business where possible.

We first met the manufacturers of I-sopods at their float centre in London, which launched in 1993.  This is where we first floated, back in 1999 and you can read about Will’s first float here.

Running their own float centre gave them the opportunity to work with various different types of float tanks and pods, and ultimately the means to develop their own system… and so I-sopod was born in 2008.

We have always had great floats in I-sopods and found they deliver a reliably good quality and temperature of water and air.

We can’t wait for you to be able to come and see them in person!

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