Mental Clarity

Discover a space of peaceful reflection, free of all distractions.

It can be tough to get the clarity of mind we need.  We are bombarded with distractions: from the incessant ping of messages, to the possibility of a call at any time thanks to almost universal mobile phone coverage.  The ‘always-on’ culture and the ubiquity of computers and smartphones has created the expectation of a quick response.  For some this can manifest in a background level of anxiety, and an impulse to frequently check for updates and messages.

Advertising springs from screens, billboards, and shop windows.  Bosses, co-workers or customers ask things of us.  Our natural desire to satisfy the needs of those dear to us can relegate our own concerns to second place.

The environment of our modern civilisation is full of demands upon our attention, and for many of us they are unavoidable.  We live in a world of exponential information growth.  It is estimated that prior to 2003, five exabytes of information had been created in human history.  Now we create twice that amount of information every day.  Our thoughts are pulled to and fro by all these stimuli.  No wonder we can sometimes feel overwhelmed!

Managing these constant and mounting demands often involves switching tasks frequently, or multi-tasking.  But with all those ‘pending’ things at the back of the mind, it can sometimes feel like we don’t have the time or attention to really chew over a decision, or deeply explore all the angles of an important question.

“It’s like having lots of windows open on your computer: resources are tied up by the thoughts running in the background, so we have less mental energy at our disposal to bring to the task at hand.”

Sometimes sustained, undivided attention is required to really get to the bottom of a thorny problem, or to clearly see all the factors affecting a decision.  We need some headspace to ponder, free from the hubbub of the world.  But finding a place to truly focus without interruption or distraction can be a real challenge.

Floating offers a space for quiet contemplation, and a time which is yours alone.  It is a respite away from all those demands upon your attention, an escape to peace and calm.  The float environment reduces levels of the stress hormone Cortisol, and can soothe away anxiety, allowing you to relax and focus.  It is a powerful tool for you to use as you wish.

This environment fosters true focus:

for improved decision-making, effective problem-solving, deeper insight, and freedom of mind.

Here is the clarity you need to make real progress.


In the world of business and work, being pressed for time has become a badge of honour for some, at the price of stressful feelings of time-scarcity.  But being able to stop the inefficiency of multi-tasking, and to truly focus on a single mental challenge, gives a huge boost in productivity.  Whether it’s finding the solution to a problem, coming up with a new way of selling a product, or knowing which way to go on a tough decision, floatation can give you the edge you need.  Taking the time for a float is an investment which soon pays dividends.


The quietude of floatation can boost your problem-solving abilities.  From something as concrete as how to arrange the seating for your wedding guests, to something as abstract as improving the algorithm of a piece of software you are writing, floating provides the uninterrupted concentration required to reach the solution.  It becomes easier to enter that ‘flow state’.  Engineers and architects have been able to build and test their designs in their imagination, thanks to the power of the float environment to augment their abilities.  You can harness the power of floatation to achieve your goals.

A gateway to intuition

But sometimes solving a problem, or coming to a decision is not a conscious process, not something which is thought out.

Floating can create the space for inspiration to occur, a void to allow the subconscious to gestate a solution.  It’s fascinating how people can emerge from the tank simply knowing with quiet certainty what to do: naturally, without any deliberate introspection.

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