“Genuinely looking forward to the chance to experience sensory enhancement!”

It was when someone said this to me on Twitter that I got thinking about the sensory aspect of floatation

Have you ever tried closing your eyes for a little while when outside in the dark, and then opening them again to find how much more you can now see?

Maybe you now notice the stars in the sky, the moonlight, far off streetlights, or other details you just missed before?

Imagine if you could do that with all your senses.  If you could shut them off for a delicious break from over-stimulation.  Then come back again to find your senses reawakened…

Escape from distractions

Floatation provides a really special environment for this, which is like nothing else.

You can switch off the lights to enjoy the blanket of complete darkness.  (Of course if you’d rather not switch off the lights that’s ok – you are in complete control of your float experience.)

The room is soundproofed to reduce any noise to a minimal level.

The float environment is carefully maintained to ensure a neutral scent.

You certainly shouldn’t be tasting anything but your tongue!

Supportive environment

The water is saturated with Epsom salt.  This provides complete buoyancy.   There will be no pressures on your body, which you might feel when in bed or sitting down.  Many people find that due to the support of the salty water, floatation helps with relaxation and pain relief.

The water is maintained at skin temperature.  After a while you might find you can’t tell where your body ends and the water begins.

We suggest you float naked, so that you’re not even feeling the friction or pressures of a swimsuit.  (Don’t worry – you have your own private room with a lock on the door.)

Emerge and enjoy

When you emerge, this is when you may notice sensory enhancement, as you experience things anew.

You can come and sit in our chill-out area which is a space for you.  There will be books to peruse, creative materials to play with, and lovely artwork for you to enjoy… or you can simply ‘be’.

At Float in the Forest we will have the additional benefit of being in the wonderful landscape of the Forest of Dean.

When you come out of your float if you wish you could go for a walk.  Experience this amazing landscape with a newfound awareness of the colours, sights, scents and sounds of nature.

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