Float just for fun!

You don't need an excuse to enjoy yourself

You don’t need an excuse to enjoy yourself

Just a fun thing to do

You can benefit from floating even if there isn’t something ‘wrong’ with you.  For example you don’t have to be stressed, or in pain, or recovering from a sports injury, even if it is great for all of those things.  Why not float simply because it is a fun thing to do!

You might think of it like a bit of pampering – time for you.  Like how some people enjoy going to a spa.

Healthy can also be fun

You might do it simply because you enjoy it, and it feels good.

The fact that it is good for you is an added bonus.  Much like how healthy eating or exercise don’t have to be boring or a chore. Whether you’re eating amazing salads or taking up hooping, the key is to find something you enjoy!

Sensory delight

Floatation used to be known as ‘sensory deprivation’.  You might notice we don’t tend to use that phrase here at Float in the Forest.  If anything we consider it to be sensory enhancement!

Your body feels weightless in the warm water – it is like no other sensation.  The way the Epsom salt in the water feels silky on your skin.  Having a chance to take the time to think, or not, as you wish.  Maybe even the luxury of having your own private room!

The way you feel after a float is part of the fun!

Enjoy the ‘post float glow’

At Float in the Forest you have the opportunity to enjoy our chill-out room afterwards, and make the most of that lovely feeling.

Relax in comfy chairs and have a cup of tea.  Enjoy the artwork on the walls.  Peruse the books in our library or play with some creative materials if you fancy it.  Most importantly, take your time.

Explore the many fun things to do in the area

You could go for a walk among the trees in the beautiful Forest of Dean.

Or you could make the most of your relaxation time in all sorts of other ways.  Why not take part in one of the many fantastic activities available in the Forest of Dean area?

Check out the Forest of Dean & Wye Valley website for more details.

Bring a friend

You could come to float at the same time as a friend.

Although the float itself is a private experience, it’s great to be able to enjoy the post-float feeling afterwards together.

Chill out, have a cuppa, and a natter about the float, in the comfortable surroundings of the relaxation lounge.

You can book two simultaneous floats on our booking page.

Bring a friend to float

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