Book review: The Float Tank Cure, by Shane Stott


An introduction to floating

The Float Tank Cure has everything you need for a concise introduction to floatation, in one small, easily-digestible volume.  It is written in extremely accessible language, almost as if you’re sitting on the sofa having a chat with Shane Stott.

A very personal insight into his mental health issues

Probably the most striking thing about the book is how Shane takes such a brave step in baring his soul: describing in detail his own personal experience of depression, anxiety and panic attacks.  The story of his mental health breakdown is agonising at times because it is so deeply personal.  For the same reason I think it may resonate with a lot of people, even those who would not consider themselves to have a mental health problem.  The way floatation has helped him to tackle these issues is simply wonderful.

The book provides many other interesting and inspiring examples of people who have been helped by floating.  Not least Michael Harding, a former soldier who has suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and whose story I found very moving.

The Float Tank Cure often strays beyond the topic of floatation to tackle the issues of stress in modern society, but it brings us some useful facts and tips along the way.

History and research

I really believe there is something in this book for everyone, whether you’re a novice or an experienced floater.  Much of the history and explanation of floatation will be familiar to experienced floaters.  However, I’m sure you will be interested to read about Shane’s dedication to building his own float tank from scratch, and his resulting success in building a business around the idea.  The end of the book also provides useful index of floatation research and articles.

Thank you Shane for putting so much of your heart, soul and knowledge into this lovely book!

We will have copies of The Float Tank Cure available to buy in the float centre.

The cover of the Float Tank Cure, by Shane Stott.

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