Having a busy mind

Hi I’m Shari, and I have a very busy mind. It has a tendency to go over and over things if I’m not careful. Maybe you can relate to this.

I only started experimenting with meditation quite recently, and like a lot of people, I thought I wouldn’t be good at it because I “can’t switch my brain off”.

I went along to a meditation workshop and then a group, and I loved it.

But I also came to a realisation that I’d been meditating for years without putting that label on it!

Shari and the float pod

Meditate in the pod

This was a bit of a ‘light-bulb’ moment for me. I obviously knew I loved floating, but it occurred to me (after I’d been floating for years) that the float pod was one of the few places I can switch my mind off!

I didn’t get to that point right from my first float, but it got easier as I floated more regularly over time. I found that the combination of peace and quiet, with being so physically comfortable supported by the warm salty water, was ideal for meditation. This is not to say that you can’t enjoy meditating in lots of different settings, but floating is a wonderful way to do it.

Here at Float in the Forest, we normally start your first float with a short piece of gentle music. When you come back for more floats you can choose to go straight into silence if you wish. Although I’ve done hundreds of floats now, I personally still like to start with music as it helps to calm my busy mind down, but that choice is yours.

When I heard that Sarah Maynard-Murray, who runs a float centre in the US, had created and recorded a guided meditation especially for use in the float pod, my ears pricked up!

We went through a little testing period to establish the best conditions to hear the spoken word under water, which has its challenges…

Float with guidance

And now we’re excited to announce that we’re offering a short guided meditation at the start of your float!

The meditation lasts around 8 minutes and leads you gently into the float, through mindfulness into relaxation.

It is just £2 in addition to your float, which can be paid for as an add-on at the point of booking, or if you’ve already booked then you can order it when you arrive at the float centre.

Float with guidance

I hope my experience has helped you to see that it’s perfectly normal to have a busy mind, but that it’s also possible to train it to slow down and even take a break, with practice.  So if you feel like you might benefit from a little guidance to help slow your mind down as you begin your float, why not experiment and book your float with guidance now!

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