Float in the Forest fit-out blog Fri 23rd Nov 2018

New ceilings in the float centre

The basic building has very high ceilings, which would make it a hard space to heat. Your float centre is going to be a cosy and comfortable place, so we are putting in lower ceilings, and a lot of insulation.

We’ve been enjoying taking photos from above, but there won’t be much to see from this angle, now that the ceilings are going up!

Have a look around

Earlier in the week we made this video to show you around.

Bear with us as there is no lighting in there at the moment, so it’s a bit dark!

Warmer and quieter

Since we made the video we went back in again, and were impressed with how much warmer it feels in there already.

When we went into the float rooms and therapy room we also noticed that sound was deadened by the insulation.  This is what will help give you a really peaceful float or therapy experience with no distractions.

This is where we’ve got to now…

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