My story starts by the day I visited Float in the Forest on their Open day….

As we entered the reception we were greeted by Shari who gave us such a warm welcome, we were taken through into the rest area where the magical moment started. 

She then took us through to meet Will who was in the Tranquility room and that’s when I saw the pod for the first time.

I remember feeling a sense of relief as for the first time in months my breath became easier.

I have struggled with acute anxiety and PTSD and I was looking for help and just seeing the pod I felt hopeful.

Will was amazing I was able to ask questions about the preparation for a float and my heart was telling me

“This is Right”

The beautiful lighting was mesmerising and calming and my decision was made.

On the 5th February at 1.45pm I arrived for my 2pm Float.

As I entered I was greeted by Shari and Will and felt as if I was held in a very safe place.

Shari took me through and refreshed my mind on the pod and helped me choose the colour of lighting I would like.

So I was now on my own……. once showered I lifted the door and stepped into the pod, as I lowered myself in, the water was warm to my skin I shut the door and then the music began……. I led back and I was weightless.

I can remember feeling my arm and it felt as soft like silk,

Now the Magic really started…. I turned the light off and led in the stillness yet there was a sense of an echo around me.

My eyes were closed my heart was open and suddenly I felt as if my body was turning to the Left then I felt myself turn to the Right….. I opened my eyes yet I know I was straight 

I relaxed again and a few minutes later I felt as if I was being gently rocked from side to side, I felt I was being brought back to life.

Then the gentle music returned and I can remember thinking about how am I going to explain this, I visualised the image of the nervous system on a poster the veins and arteries and muscles……. well my heart told me that the healing of the salts was actually opening up all my nervous system pumping into my veins giving me energy and strength to my exhausted body.

Once showered and wrapped up in the beautiful fluffy towel I was sat with tears running down my cheeks……. this was the first time in months I felt Alive.

When I came through to the rest area I got myself a warm drink and Shari asked if I was ok.

I was reading part of a book about anxiety and PTSD and how floating helped and I realized my experience was Real!

I was able to explain to Will what I experienced and he said how beautiful it was,

then I was offered to write in the journal and I opened to a page and I couldn’t believe what I was reading ….

Someone else had experienced the same feeling of moving to the left then the right!

Like a compass…. I guess we found our place to be.

I went straight to Shari and showed her and we couldn’t believe it,

Then I talked to both of them about how I felt about the nervous system and feeling like it was pumping life into my body and they said “what a beautiful way to describe it “

I honestly don’t remember the last time i felt so relaxed as I did and my anxiety levels were definitely lower.

I am very grateful to Shari and Will for the care and support they gave me

I booked 2 more sessions and my next one is coming up next week and I’m so excited 

This is a very special place of healing offered by two amazing and caring people who are passionate about their joy of helping others 

My thanks go to you both

With my gratitude 

Thank you so very much for helping me to start healing from years of pain.

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