Meet therapist Katy Davies

Introducing therapist Katy Davies, who has been providing awesome therapies at Float in the Forest since August 2019, so we thought it was about time to tell you a bit more about her!

From sport to sport massage

Katy has always been fascinated by anatomy and physiology.  Her interest in sport massage was sparked when she started weight training regularly herself, and realised the importance of looking after the muscular structure and the knock on effects of imbalances and dysfunction, not just in the gym or sports, but also in everyday life.

She wanted to help people, and she wanted to educate herself in order to help make a difference to others’ lives, and so in 2017 Katy began her journey to become a sports massage therapist.

Why does she do it?

Katy feels passionately about sports massage because she truly believes in treating a problem at the root cause, and she loves seeing the positive effects when working with clients.

She also loves being a part of helping people achieve their goals and passing on information that can make a real difference in everyday life.

Why Float in the Forest?

Says Katy:

“I chose to offer my treatments at Float in the Forest because from the moment I met Shari and Will it was obvious straight away that that they believe in the value of self care, the importance of recovery for the body and mind and also feel passionately about helping people. You instantly feel relaxed from the moment you walk in the door, which is important when doing any type of soft tissue therapy.”

You can contact Katy and book appointments via the Forest Sport Massage Facebook page.

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