An opportunity for creativity

After a float some people want to remain in quiet contemplation, others are keen to talk about their experiences, and then there are those who enjoy expressing themselves in writing or drawing.

In light of this, since opening in February 2019 we have provided blank journals in the chill out lounge. We aim to encourage writing, drawing or anything else that springs to mind whilst fully encompassed in the serene post float bliss.

Floating is not similar to anything else. The way your mind, body and soul feel after a float are not comparable to anything most people have ever encountered.

It is like a long soothing “ahhhhh” sense of relief, not even realising that a float was exactly what you needed in the first place. 1-2-3 release and relax! In fact, only today one of our guests said: “I have never felt like this before, I didn’t know that was what I needed”.

Share your experience

It is amazing to be able to capture moments like these, however whilst we are busy preparing for the next people, we sometimes miss the chance to indulge in such conversations. This is another reason we love the journals so much, it is almost an extended form of communication between us and our guests, even after they have exited and carried on with the journey of their day. When guests read the comments of others in the journal after their float, it can open new perspectives and give a chance to recognise parallels with the experiences of those who have floated previously.

Chilled-out people floating

Discovering each new entry is akin to reading an excellent book that you can never get bored of. As we turn each page, we are delighted at all of the positive freedom of expression staring straight back at us. This in turn fills us with a huge sense of reward and pride!

So thank you to everyone who has felt inspired to leave such wonderful journal entries over the years. It has been hugely appreciated, and it genuinely gives us something to smile about each and everyday 🙂

Here are some examples…

Smiling people floating

“A magical and mystical experience like no other! Everyone should try it… Relaxed”

“As an old timer I have only one complaint, it’s too short! Time passes differently here! Still a wonderful experience and I keep coming back.”

“Our first ever float and what a magical experience! Felt like a ‘reboot’ and a reminder of how to relax. Already looking forward to the next one.”

“An amazing experience, pretty surreal! Came out feeling refreshed and so so peaceful.”

Looking out from the float pod

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