“Sick of being left holding the spare water bottle, puncture repair kit and warm post ride clothing??

Come and relax instead at Float in the Forest… The antithesis of a black ATB bike ride!”


These words came from a wise friend of mine, and they got me thinking.

Finding the flow state through cycling

Loads of people of all ages love cycling.  It has all sorts of benefits from the cardiovascular and strengthening exercise through to getting out into nature.

When you’re speeding through the woods on your bike, you can enter into that magical ‘flow state’ where you and the bike and the trail are one, and there is no thought anymore.  The high intensity stimulation of staying on the line demands all your attention.

The Forest of Dean is an ideal location

The Forest of Dean offers a wealth of opportunities for bike-related fun amongst fantastic natural landscapes.

If you can’t bring your own bike, you could hire one from the excellent Dean Forest Cycles or Pedalabikeaway.

There are lots of great routes and maps available.

From the family friendly trail to the more hardcore MTB trails, there’s something for nearly everyone.

Cycling is not for everyone

I say ‘nearly everyone’ because of course it’s not everyone’s cup of tea… and that’s just it… some people might prefer to relax with a cup of tea!

So what if your partner / friends / family can’t wait to get on their bikes, but you’re not up for it?

Why should they have all the fun?

Find your flow state through floatation

While they’re out navigating the trails, you could be having your own adventure with floatation.

Take some time out to look after yourself, give yourself some time alone, and recharge your batteries.

Enter your own ‘flow state’ by the opposite route to cycling: your thoughts float away in the pod thanks to the calm quiet Epsom salt water.

You might even like to come for a longer time and have a float and massage package… (more to follow on that later on)

They might like to join you for a float after their bike ride to soothe those aching muscles and speed up their recovery.

You could all head on for some food and drink afterwards to refuel and celebrate your adventures.

I guarantee you’ll have plenty of your own stories to tell!

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