You know that feeling of excitement about getting the latest shiny new thing?  Have you ever noticed how quickly that much anticipated object loses its lustre once you actually obtain it?  Soon enough it fades into the background among all the other objects.

Now remember that trip you took, the one you know you will never forget?  See how the value of that experience has grown as time has passed?  And it will stay with you forever.

Amazing isn’t it?

What’s that word we use for when an investment increases in value? Ah, yes: appreciation!

There has been some fascinating research which shows that experiences gain in value over time, whereas objects lose value.  In 2014 two interesting pieces of research were published.

One piece of research published in Psychological Science journal, summarised in this article found that the anticipation of experiences brought more pleasure than the anticipation of acquiring material items.

“You can think about waiting for a delicious meal at a nice restaurant or looking forward to a vacation,” said one of the authors, “and how different that feels from waiting for, say, your pre-ordered iPhone to arrive.”

They even found that people are much more likely to have positive interactions with each other while waiting for an experience (such as in a queue for a concert), than while waiting to purchase an item.

Another piece of research,  published in The Journal of Positive Psychology and summarised on Huffington Post found that people had quite strong ideas about the value of experiences as opposed to material items.

Before making the choice, participants said they were aware that an experience would be likely to bring them more happiness, but still felt it would make more sense financially to buy the material item.  However their opinions changed after making the purchase: participants said that both happiness and financial value were greater with an experience than a material item.

We know the unique value of our own experiences, whereas perhaps we might wish we had that latest gadget our friend has got.

Experiences can also become much more interesting stories, which we enjoy sharing and people enjoy hearing about.  Perhaps this may be because experiences are unpredictable – we simply don’t know how they will go, and each person’s experience could be different, which makes them all the more exciting!

So why are we talking about this?

Floatation is a wonderful experience, which also just happens to be good for your body and your mind.

You don’t even have to physically travel to distant lands – with the reduced sensory  input of the floatation environment, your mind can go anywhere!

And the experience doesn’t end when you get out of the pod.  That special post-float bliss can carry on long afterwards, with an appreciation of sensory enhancement and deep relaxation.

Combining floatation with other experiences can enhance them both:

  • Why not participate in one of the many outdoor activities available in the Forest of Dean – you could go for a walk or a bike ride, and then come for a float afterwards.
  • We will offer packages with other types of treatments at Float in the Forest: double your relaxation with a float followed by a massage.  You’ll be walking on air!
  • Enrich your experience by sharing it with a friend, and save money:  if you book 2 floats at the same time, you will get a reduced rate, and bask in the post-float glow together.
  • You could also make a gift of floatation, by giving a gift card to someone who you think deserves this special experience.  Imagine their anticipation…
  • We will also offer other exciting activities at Float in the Forest – more on that to come!

The opportunities are endless, and who knows where they will lead?

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